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  1. OZ? As in Australian? No, I'm not Australian.
  2. It's not that there are easy courses, but the sheer volume of work from those three in particular was just too much to really keep up with. If you want good grades you have to be able to synthesize what you're learning, not just regurgitate it. Like I said, I read almost everything and studied like crazy but it didn't pay off because I didn't spread out my workload enough. Loading up on seminars is not the way to go either. You're right that it would be transparent strategy, and I don't even think my school allows it anyways. My question is not about how to fix my grades. My question is about strategies for finding articles that are less grade-dependent than the OCI process.
  3. I need advice on how to recover from a blunder involving my grades, and how it affects recruitment. In 1L I came out with a B average. I got a C, a C+, and the rest were a mixture of B/B+. Then, I made the massive mistake in 2L of taking Evidence, Business Associations, and Con Law in my first semester. I took 16 credits (17 is the max allowed), and 12 of those were spread between those three courses. I ended up with two C's and a C+. I read pretty much everything and worked my tail off, but it was just too much to absorb for three 100% exams. It didn't help that all of my exams were in the first 6 days of the exam period. Now, I'm trying for recruitment and I think my grades are seriously affecting me and will continue to do so. I do have one OCI lined up, but they looked at my undergraduate grades which were pretty sweet (humble brag) so I think that helped me. My question is this: how do I recover from this bad situation? I'm taking a lighter course load now and I will definitely plan my workload better next year as well. However, I am afraid that this is going to be a permanent drag on my ability to get good jobs. Am I over-reacting? Can I salvage this situation?
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