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  1. That is a really good point that I've found through reading tons of posts on this website. However, I heard that Osgoode is famous is for its criminal law? Seems kinda ironic. Yet even so, what's your take on someone from UVic landing jobs in Toronto? Is cross-provincial job positions really that hard to land in general (assuming you have average grades and aren't in the top 10%)? From all the posts I've read on this website it seems that you're pretty much stuck at whichever province you went to school in.
  2. What makes you prefer Osgoode? Is what Osgoode offers worth the 100k difference? Is it the bay street prospects? Or just the fact that it's Toronto?
  3. Thanks for your insight. I definitely wouldn't say my relationship with my dad is "strained," it is just not super close from an emotional aspect and I definitely think he would not be upset no matter what I chose, since it is my life after all. I am the one studying law, not him. Nevertheless, your statements about the weather is something I actually forgot to consider haha! Ugh, this is only making my decisions harder... and you're right, long distance relationships do suck.
  4. Oh and I just want to say that I have read every reply so far and want to thank all of you for the advice, even if I haven't explicitly replied.
  5. Hi kaap, Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I guess that means you think I should take the money haha. I will take your advice into consideration. That is actually really good advice. Maybe doing a bit, even if small will put my mind at ease. Thanks!
  6. You do have a really good point and it something that I failed to mention in my original post. Even so, I am still uncertain if Osgoode's education and location really justifies the huge amount that it costs compared to that of UVic. If both choices can get me a JD that lets me practice law, why choose the one that gives me debt? What I kind of what to ask if anyone here can answer, is what their stance or opinion is on if getting easier access to the Toronto market is worth the costs of paying Osgoode's tuition?
  7. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll take it to heart; although I could say that "kill" my mental health was a bit of an exaggeration haha.
  8. I feel that OP should follow sdh92's advice. But I want to add a few more things. I also did not take any LSAT tutoring or classes and was fine, but obviously, everyone is different and you should do what you feel is comfortable. Regardless what what method you choose though, commitment and consistency I feel are the most important yet overlooked things. If you are serious about this, treat it like school/work. For example, wake up at 9 am every single day (minus rest days) and study for the same amount of time everyday if possible. Take breaks in between where appropriate, but treat it like a job. Does not have to be long. You can study for 2 hours a day if you want but make sure you are actually paying attention and using that time rather than looking at your phone every minute. At first you can practice by reading prep books and doing questions from older LSAT exams. When you feel confident in doing those questions then you can do a practice exam. When you finish, make sure that you do a blind review. Again, a big part of this is commitment, since many have the urge to just look at the answers and go: "ohh yea I get it." As for resources, you can check on the Khan Academy's free LSAT class for starters, and you can get almost all past exams for free through websites such as Libgen. Good luck!
  9. TL;DR - My dad can pay for my tuition no matter where I go, but I taking so much money from him to go to Osgoode would probably screw my mental health with guilt. Should I still go? Or go to Uvic? Hi All, Right now, I have been accepted and am deciding between going to UVic or Osgoode. There are just so many factors to consider that I still have not made a clear decision after two weeks of deciding. Now I know that everyone says that I should go to wherever I want to live and work at, but even then I am not 100% certain; although I do lean more towards Osgoode. I have lived in Vancouver my whole life and Toronto seems new and exciting; but never having been there, I have no idea if I would actually like living and working there. I feel that choosing UVic is the "safe" decision, since it has its focus on the Vancouver market and I know what Vancouver is like. Now I know after saying that, many of the replies (if there are any) will be to choose Osgoode since I have expressed my interest in living in Toronto, but what is stopping me is the crazy high tuition. Not only that, but the cost of living expenses and everything else that comes with moving. I know that I will have to move either way since Uvic isn't located in Vancouver, but it doesn't cost as much as Toronto and most importantly, the tuition is hella cheap. However, I will not deny that I am super fortunate, and my dad has told me he will pay for my tuition regardless of where I go. We are a middle-income family and I know he can afford Osgoode tuition + Toronto living expenses. But... he is now retired (same for my mom) and I do not wish to take that much money from him. He has assured me that I should not let money decide where I want to study and that he can afford it, but I just cannot ignore that factor. I just can't let my dad spend that much money for me. I feel that I would owe him more than I could ever repay. What makes it worse is that I feel like I am not that close on an emotional level with my dad (due to personal reasons), making it harder to accept the money. Regardless, I love him and I know he loves me. So... do you guys think I am being unreasonable? Or should I just take advantage of my fortunate circumstances, rid myself of guilt, and take the money? There are obviously other factors to consider, such as distance from family, friends, and girlfriend, but for me, this is the most important factor. I am leaning towards Osgoode, but I feel that if I do take the money and go, the constant daily guilt and being so far away from family and girlfriend would probably kill my mental health. Do you guys have any advice? I am quite desperate to hear opinions. Thank you.
  10. Just wondering what pushed you to finally decide on uVic? I am currently in a similar dilemma that you had.
  11. I'm in as well! Surprisingly, I think I have one of the worst stats of the people who posted in this thread thus far. I think I got lucky 🤤 cGPA: 3.57 LSAT: 162 Yeet
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