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  1. I’m not sure if banks would do this, but if they do, it would likely affect the amount you can receive. For example, you will not likely get $100,000 from both CIBC and Scotia at the same time. Maybe they would be okay with you having $50k at each? Why would you even want to do this? You are just creating more paperwork for yourself and more of a headache when it comes to repayment. Off the top of my head, there is no situation in which this would be beneficial.
  2. Emails and messages went out around 6am. Congrats to those who received them!
  3. I doubt that many people have taken the time to compare two or more sets of indices, so it is unlikely that you will get an objective answer as to which is “the best.” I used OLE, I thought they were good. I found a few errors, but overall, it did the job. I’m happy that I didn’t have to spend time making one. I will note that OLE purchases their indices from a group of students, so really it’s probably not much different than the one offered by the U of T students. The important thing is that you learn how to use your indices so that you can quickly find the answers to the questions you are asked. Get comfortable knowing how they are organized, what triggers you are looking for in the question, etc. Accordingly, I would just pick one now and start practicing with it.
  4. This is how I highlighted: a.Statutes: pink b.Case names: blue c.Years and important dates: orange d.Numbers (e.g. # of days, notice periods): orange e.Important information/key terms to remember: yellow I found I overhighlighted with yellow, so I would warn others to be more selective in that.
  5. I will note that I didn’t say the process is perfect and that the lack of some information is annoying. I am in the same boat as you and would love to know the date of my call. Hell, given that I was laid off two months ago before they had any real COVID policies in place, I have probably dealt with them more than most current articling students have. However, if one of the complaints you have against the LSO that you thought was worth mentioning is that they are making you find a commissioner so that you can be called, then it would appear that you don’t have that much to complain about. They adapted their process to the current state of affairs. If you want, you can always defer your call until the next ceremony so that you won’t have to deal with all the obstacles they have placed before you. I’m tired of the “woe is me” proclamations that come from so many people.
  6. The hassle of finding someone to commission the documents for you? Can you not ask your principal lawyer, another lawyer at the firm, or ANY OTHER LAWYER? Such a hassle... Here, I will even draft the email for you: Hi XX, I just received some documents from the LSO that I need to have commissioned for my administrative call to the bar. Would you be available any time this week to commission them for me? We can do it in person or by video call! Thanks, XX I hope you don’t encounter any truly difficult tasks during your career.
  7. Try the left side of the paper. Best for quick flipping.
  8. From the sound of things, everyone is given the benefit once they apply. If you improperly apply, they will be able to collect on the money later on (presumable at tax time next April).
  9. Just received a call from the LSO. My request for abridgement was extended from 6 weeks to 9 weeks! They advised me that for the time being, they won’t go past 9 weeks. The good news is that the extra 3 weeks covers me completely and I am now finished Articling!
  10. Tuition has been steadily increasing every year (I believe $2k to $3k per year). You should also account for books/printing/etc. I assume your rent will also increase, amount determined by whether you are subject to rent control or not. I feel like you are severely underestimating the amount you will want to drink and eat out during law school. As everyone else has said, good luck and it’s a positive that you are actively thinking about this. But be prepared for major and unexpected changes to arise.
  11. These are the questions I asked, and the answer I got was, “things are constantly changing and we advise you to keep checking the LSO website for further updates.”
  12. If you are talking about approving an abridgement request (e.g. if you got laid off and we’re expected to finish is June), the current answer is no. I applied to abridge approximately 9 weeks and they only approved me for the maximum 6 week period, which means I’m on the hook for the remaining 3 weeks before I can be called. 🙄
  13. Because it’s not just about writing the exam. It’s about everything leading up to it too. Not sure if you encountered any equity-barriers (raising children, caregiving, financial crisis, etc.) during your time in law school, but having an affected mental state going into (Especially for an extended period of time like oh, 4-6 weeks in this case) and during an exam can be a real hinderance; one that certainly doesn’t exist for some groups (e.g. 23 year old trust fund baby who has everything paid for by their parents, has their own apartment, etc.).
  14. Good god, get off your high horse. The current circumstances are far from “imperfect.” Schools are shut down, daycares are shut down, caregivers (e.g. grandparents) are self-isolating from their families for their own health, many families are now having to survive on a drastically reduced income, there is greater uncertainty as it relates to future employment, the economy is falling, there is a shortage of essential medical supplies, and the list goes on. I don’t think the major complaint is “my kids are being loud.”
  15. Heard back from the LSO on my request for abridgement. They approved me for 6 weeks, leaving me 4 weeks short of completing articles. I guess we will see what the landscape of work is over the next few weeks.
  16. https://lso.ca/becoming-licensed/lawyer-licensing-process/articling-candidates/during-a-placement#withdrawal-of-articling-commitment-6 Yes, they are able to renege on a previous offer.
  17. I know in Ottawa, Laurier Office Mart is still open as they are considered (or consider themselves under the notice) to be essential. I’m sure other office marts remain open too.
  18. Last year the online materials became available on April 22 and the hard copies were available for pickup/shipping after that date.
  19. Also, if anyone is going through a similar situation and wants to talk it out for whatever reason, feel free to PM me. I’m trying to remain focused on the fact that this career is a marathon, not a sprint.
  20. Well, I received the unfortunate news that I am now laid off. I contacted the articling department at the Law Society of Ontario and they told Me that I can make a request for abridgement of my articles. Normally this request is for a maximum of six weeks for compassionate reasons, but the staff member on the phone said that these are clearly not normal circumstances and that it is likely that they could approve the request for nine weeks of missed time. I submitted the form last week and they said it takes up to 10 days to make a decision. I will let everyone know once I hear back. Now it’s wait and see...
  21. While many different acts have limitation periods, I will use the Limitations Act, 2002 as an example. Under the Limitations Act, 2002, you generally have two years from the date of discovery of a claim to start a Court proceeding. Let’s say on March 25, 2018, someone punched you in the face and you want to sue under the tort of battery. Normally you would have had to commence your action by March 25, 2020, but since the limitation period is currently suspended, that deadline is suspended and you will be able to start the action after that date (until the suspension ends/based on future orders).
  22. I will be messaging the LSO tomorrow to seek an official answer, but does anyone have any idea what might happen because of the Ontario court shutdown starting on Tuesday? specifically, I think of the following questions: 1. If our firms don’t have enough work for us to keep going and we essentially do no work for 3-6 weeks, will the law society still consider us to have completed articling requirements? Might they abridge articles based on “compassionate grounds”? 2. Can a law firm lay off an articling student due to a lack of work? If the office shuts down and other lawyers are temporarily laid off? 3. What happens if the June call to the bar is cancelled? Also, I realize some people may be less affected than others, but I think everyone is going to be affected in some way. I know The answers here will be largely speculative, but I think the discussion is interesting and people can update based on the info they receive from the LSO.
  23. Small boutique firm in Ottawa. Meetings being changed to phone meetings, unless commissioning a document is required. Increased cleaning procedures. One to two lawyers working remote. If courts close, we will likely all work from home.
  24. Do you have a margin account or a line of credit? For law students, prime + 0 tends to be the standard now. Prime + 0.5 was three years ago when I started, and I emailed my reply about one year in and asked for it to be reduced to prime, and it was approved within a few days, no questions asked. I would suggest doing this Prime - 0.5 tends to be available to med students only, from my anecdotal experience.
  25. New/recent call at a small sized firm (3-5 lawyers). Firm pays bar fees and LAWPRO fees.
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