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  1. Accepted today. cGPA: 3.9 LSAT: 163 Completed Part B. Acceptance said scholarships would be awarded on a rolling basis. Has anyone received any scholarships yet?
  2. The general wisdom is give your references 2 months to write. Aren't references already due this cycle?
  3. I was searching Hansard for this a couple years ago. I couldn't find an official explanation. I spoke to some lawyers who were around when it was drafted and I was told the assumption was the profession would set their own rules and standards and lawyers generally have it "pretty good." Most agricultural workers don't really have many statutory rights. It's a big problem.
  4. You would need a payment of about $1000 a month to pay off $100,000 at 3.45% interest in 10 years. If you want to work with low-income populations its crucial you minimize your law school debt load. How much does your lifestyle cost? Then add about a $1000 a month to it to figure out how much money you need to earn. Remember you pay debt with after-tax income.
  5. Accepted Dec 21 via uzone. CGPA: 3.9 LSAT: 163 No Nov LSAT
  6. People sometimes do this in Government.
  7. You cant do that. You could just apply to one school but that would cost you a couple hundred dollars. It isn't a secret how OLSAS calculates GPA. Just use the calculator or use the table and do it manually: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/ Different schools have different definitions of what L2, Best 2 are etc. Check with the schools you are interested in.
  8. Got a call this morning. cGPA/B3/L2: 3.9 (I was remarkably consistent) LSAT: 163 Probably not going to accept the offer. #1 choice is Osgoode.
  9. No. Post-grad grades are essentially a soft.
  10. 1Ls typically work non legal-summer jobs (e.g, summer camp counsellor, waitressing, retail, etc.)
  11. It's pretty common to score a couple points lower on the real LSAT then practice tests. Personally I wouldn't write the LSAT again but i don't really know your circumstances. Did you apply this cycle? How badly do you want to go to Western? What would you do if you don't get in? Just somethings to think about.
  12. What are you practice testing? You have a near perfect GPA and probably would already get in.
  13. You are below median GPA and LSAT but half the people that get into UofT are below median. You're unlikely to get in to UofT first round but you still have a decent shot at getting an offer.
  14. Most people don't convert their OLSAS GPA properly and then are shocked when OLSAS calculates it properly and it's lower than their calculation. You have to convert every class using the OLSAS scale and then average it. You can't just take your cumulative average using a percent or letter grade and then convert it. The OLSAS GPA rewards consistency.
  15. An increase in applications does not necessarily mean a more competitive cycle. People could just be applying more broadly this cycle. Most people do not apply to law school on a whim because the LSAT and application costs are a barrier. However, if there was fear that this cycle was going to be competitive (and I think there was) it would make sense for people to apply to more schools than they had initially planned to increase their chance of getting a offer. Alternatively, if COVID scared people away from the labour market, and there were more impromptu law school applications this year, applications may be up significantly more than number of applicants. If I was applying to law school without having written the LSAT, I would apply to schools broadly in case I got a bad LSAT score. I have no idea if there is actually data to support that people who submit law schools applications without having written the LSAT apply to more schools than people who submit law school applications who already have an LSAT score though.
  16. People get into law schools even with typos in their personal statement. People get jobs with typos on their resumes and cover letters. Are typos going to help your admissions chances? No. Does a typo disqualify you? Also no.
  17. If you can get a a L2 3.9GPA and a 160 LSAT your odds for Western are pretty good. But it sounds pretty cocky assuming your L2 will be a 3.9GPA. Do you know how OLSAS GPA works? Also, it's quite common for people's real LSAT scores to be lower than their practice tests. Be careful about assuming you will score as will on the LSAT as a practice test. Anyways good luck with the rest of your undergrad and the LSAT. You can get a better prediction when you get finalized stats.
  18. You're still young. Working for a year is no big deal. Might even give you some perspective when you go to law school. Best of luck on your applications anyways.
  19. How badly do you want to go to law school in September 2021? You still have a decent chance of getting accepted to a law school for next September. If you have a decent job and are feeling burnt out working for a year isn't a terrible option. You could rewrite next summer or fall if you don't get accepted anywhere this cycle.
  20. It doesn't sound like your job is going to improve your law school admissions chances much (most jobs won't). Why can't you work and study for the LSAT? Improving your LSAT score will have the largest impact on improving your admissions chances.
  21. No need to contact any law schools. Your application was accurate when you submitted it.
  22. Policywonk


    You satisfy the application requirements then. I wouldn't worry about it. Lots of people get into law school with only two reference letters.
  23. Policywonk


    Are you applying to any schools that require 3 reference letters? Most only require 2 but will accept 3.
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