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  1. People get into law schools even with typos in their personal statement. People get jobs with typos on their resumes and cover letters. Are typos going to help your admissions chances? No. Does a typo disqualify you? Also no.
  2. If you can get a a L2 3.9GPA and a 160 LSAT your odds for Western are pretty good. But it sounds pretty cocky assuming your L2 will be a 3.9GPA. Do you know how OLSAS GPA works? Also, it's quite common for people's real LSAT scores to be lower than their practice tests. Be careful about assuming you will score as will on the LSAT as a practice test. Anyways good luck with the rest of your undergrad and the LSAT. You can get a better prediction when you get finalized stats.
  3. You're still young. Working for a year is no big deal. Might even give you some perspective when you go to law school. Best of luck on your applications anyways.
  4. How badly do you want to go to law school in September 2021? You still have a decent chance of getting accepted to a law school for next September. If you have a decent job and are feeling burnt out working for a year isn't a terrible option. You could rewrite next summer or fall if you don't get accepted anywhere this cycle.
  5. It doesn't sound like your job is going to improve your law school admissions chances much (most jobs won't). Why can't you work and study for the LSAT? Improving your LSAT score will have the largest impact on improving your admissions chances.
  6. No need to contact any law schools. Your application was accurate when you submitted it.
  7. Policywonk


    You satisfy the application requirements then. I wouldn't worry about it. Lots of people get into law school with only two reference letters.
  8. Policywonk


    Are you applying to any schools that require 3 reference letters? Most only require 2 but will accept 3.
  9. If schools require 2 reference letters and you only submit one, you are not meeting their application requirements. Why should they make an exception for you? You are applying for access admissions but pretty much all applicants manage to get 2 reference letters. I'd echo the other posters and try to get an academic reference ASAP. Surely you did well in one class and could ask that professor.
  10. Yes, it's possible. If you're LSAT is good enough already, some law schools will admit you without waiting for your Jan LSAT score.
  11. OLSAS requests your LSAT information from LSAC after you submit your application.
  12. Hours at MAG are typically much less than big law positions.
  13. I'm not familiar with nursing GPAs. But with the emphasis on diversity these days, I suspect candidates with professional degrees have an easier time getting into law school than they used to.
  14. I think some law schools have a slight bias against professional undergrad degrees. UofT used to say they prefer non-professional undergrad degrees but I just did a quick search and it appears this is no longer their public position. Regardless, you can get into law school with any undergrad degree and if you already have a professional undergrad degree it doesn't make sense to go get another one to marginally improve your law school admissions chances.
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