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  1. I dont believe that. A lot of students unfortunately do. What these students will realize is that counts for nothing. If you have work ethic, good deal sheet and can bring in clients, you can do or go whatever you want or go wherever you want. Too many students caught up in seven sisters when it's way outdated.
  2. Lol MOST work has increased in securities? You best have some great insider info sweetheart.
  3. You guys are caught up in prestige lol. I didnt mention small or big to belittle a firm. All this prestige shit is bullshit. Once you get to a decent firm, what matters most is your work ethic.
  4. We shouldn't just assume they do. Without obviously mentioning names, they should disclose what they're hearing and we can debate on how reliable it is. I did not say 20 students were small firms, they're obviously big firms. I'm concerned about what firms with 10 plus students are doing.
  5. Seven sisters and in the same category of those firms.
  6. I'm talking about the big firms on Bay. Don't care about the smaller firms.
  7. With social distancing in place, it's going to be harder to conduct training/orientation with 45-50 students vs. 20.
  8. Likely doesn't mean much, but Davies is the only firm with pictures and names of their students from the 1L recruit. The pictures were posted not long ago. Also, coordinating 20 students for training/orientation is significantly easier than doing it for 45 to 50 students which is why Blakes, Osler, and Stikeman have already announced delays. None of us can really comment on how work is looking like at the firms or how much each firm needs students at this time. Securities is likely dead across the board. However, I have a friend that's an articling student for a big firm and they moved him from securities to litigation because it's getting pretty busy there. If it gets a little better than the status quo, those firms with fewer numbers are better positioned to go ahead with things. The situation is getting worse by day and if we get an Italy type lockdown, not only will the summer positions likely be cancelled but we're going to have bigger things to worry about.
  9. Lol it's a weird metric, but that's the only firm on Bay I can find that announced their 1L list and recently put up pictures of those 1L students during a global pandemic. It "looks" like everything is going on as planned. Most importantly, I can see Davies going ahead, whether it's a short summer or a full summer, given their summer class is half the size of Blakes.
  10. They also invested heavily to recruit top talent. If this has minimal to no long-term impacts, it could backfire. I would be okay with a shortened summer so at least I have that experience on my resume. Davies is one of the few firms that has photographs of their 1L and 2L students. They have a little over 20 students, so they'll be better positioned than the Blakes/Oslers to go ahead with something.
  11. I'm okay with a postponement but I hope the firms go ahead with even a shortened summer. My biggest worry is that summer positions are cancelled. It's going to be hard to conduct training/orientation at big law firms with 20+ students. Some firms have 40+ students.
  12. The position will no longer start on X day, with further details to follow. I don't want to sound alarmist nor do I know what's going to happen, but the economic impacts of this are massive. I've heard a FED official forecasting a 30 percent unemployment rate in the US in the coming months along with a 50 percent drop in GDP. If we don't contain this, my guess would be hirebacks for current articling students will go down. Not a great time for us to be law students especially with the markets/economy doing so well after 08-09 financial crisis. Let's just all do our part with social distancing and hope this gets under control soon.
  13. I've heard Blakes is going to make a change. Even people with jobs aren't protected with this.
  14. Unreported could be higher in BC and Ontario because they're one of the first few provinces to be hit and high population concentration in urban centers of both provinces could expedite community spread. Regardless, every Canadian law school student is disadvantaged. There's no perfect solution, but I'd agree with you that mandatory pass fail across the board for everyone is likely the fairest.
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