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  1. No problem, I think your chances are good at Ottawa! If not, starting a second undergrad degree worked out for me and I'm super glad I went for it. You could also postpone your graduation and take more classes, or look into the certificate as another option.
  2. For sure! I graduated from McGill with a 3.3~ GPA in Anthro, currently doing a second BA with a 3.8~ GPA. Good luck everyone 😊
  3. Hi, I applied around January 10th and received my acceptance last week for the civil law program, so around a one month delay. I have until April 1 to accept, after which there will probably be another round of offers if you haven't heard back yet!
  4. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but from what I've gathered from the school's websites and browsing this forum all of the schools in Quebec (UQAM, UdeS, UDEM) require a C1 level on the TFI exam which you can submit when you apply or once you've gotten your acceptance, except for Laval which requires a C2. Not too sure about Ottawa, they say French knowledge is required for the Civil Law program on their website but I'm not sure how it's measured.
  5. Si tu cherches un partenaire de langue je suis une anglophone qui essaie d'améliorer mon français, envoyez-moi un message si ça t'intéresse on pourrait faire un échange!
  6. I only ended up applying to McGill and was rejected. I figured my chances were too low for the other schools based on past acceptance threads in this forum since civil law schools focus solely on cGPA (I'm an arts undergrad, I believe BComm's have a higher chance based on the Cote Z calculations). I called all the admissions and they told me that if you do a second undergrad, they'll weigh the most recent grades more heavily than your first undergrad/CEGEP. Will be applying for the next cycle instead and in the meantime will be taking courses to boost my GPA!
  7. My application was a long shot to begin with, I applied in the EC category and had completed my undergrad at McGill with a 3.34cGPA, no LSAT, Quebec resident. I'll be going back to school to complete a second undergrad and will be applying again and to other civil law schools with a hopefully much better cGPA.
  8. Officially received a letter of refusal from McGill today! Relieved I got a rejection so early on in the game. Good luck to you all, hang in there
  9. Thanks so much for your replies! I've been perusing through other threads on this forum and found one concerning whether to pursue a second degree or take more courses as a non-degree student. The answers weren't definitive so I was wondering if anyone had any experience doing either specifically for entrance to civil law programs (opposed to doing a Master's degree as I mentioned earlier, which tbh I am not hugely interested in). Does anyone know how schools like UdeM or Sherbrooke would weigh a second undergrad?
  10. Hey y'all! I am interested in studying law in Quebec (I'm from Montreal) and I was wondering what my options are to increase my chances of getting accepted. I finished my undergrad at McGill in Arts with a 3.34 GPA, which I know is pretty low, but it's because I chose to fail all my courses one semester because I wasn't sure I wanted to continue my program. I realize after figuring out I'd like to study law that was an incredibly stupid decision because it seriously impacted my GPA. Anyways, the point of this post is that I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I've applied to McGill and will be applying to UDEM & UQAM, but reading through all the previous threads for those schools has me anxious that I don't have a chance anywhere in Montreal (I'd ideally want to stay in the city if possible). Would it be beneficial if I first did a Master's in another arts program? Should I apply to do the certificat de droit at UDEM? I'd greatly appreciate anyone's thoughts! Thanks,
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