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  1. Hi, I am interviewing for a job at a small firm in Calgary (less than 5 lawyers). I was called in 2020. I was wondering what is the expected salary for such a position in Calgary?
  2. Nothing at all. Managing partner isn't even self-isolating after coming back from the US
  3. Yeah, I checked regarding the group call. No plans to do it this year, but hopefully they do.
  4. Ah ok, Thanks! We have a lot of tension between us, but it hasn't gotten to the point of being toxic. The reason I asked the question is because I am planning on leaving my firm right after my articles conclude, but there is a one month minimum waiting period before the bar call, so I was wondering if it would be strange to have him conduct the bar call given I left the firm a month ago. Based on your response, it does not matter as much as I thought it would. Now I need to figure out if I need to invite the rest of the firm.
  5. I am getting called in Alberta in the summer, but I am most likely going to leave my firm after my articles conclude but before my bar call. I do not have a good relationship with my principal. I am wondering whether if it is required that my principal attend the bar call?
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