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  1. You can *probably* cancel and get a partial refund. You'll have to cancel online since the phones are tied up with people calling to cancel. My parents cancelled their flights to the states yesterday and got credit with delta.
  2. AB health asked for everyone to cancel any gathering of 250+ people. I assume they're waiting to see if anything changes before cancelling but my guess is 80% they're cancelling.
  3. If you did well enough then you should get one with your offer. If not then you can apply for bursaries and scholarships in the summer (which you should actually do no matter what). I don't think there is any one specific day for every scholarship. Good luck. Edit: Just to clarify: You will be contacted in late June with a link to apply for scholarships.
  4. Accepted is accepted. Once you accept the offer you're good, unless it's conditional acceptance (which I don't think they have given out yet). So yes. You do not need to submit anything more.
  5. 12000 is definitely a lot of money but I do get @AJD19's point. It's certainly not as bad as it could be, especially compared to what the yankees have to pay. I am pretty sure however, that they could do with a lot less govt funding if they cut admin costs.
  6. Seeing as they probably expect us to all have rich parents or be fine with mountains of student debt: we gon' take the full 10% fam. I also think that part of the strategy is to raise tuition as much as possible when the govt cuts funds because it make students put pressure on the govt to increase funding. Maybe I'm too cynical but the UofA is a business....
  7. In that case you can most definitely increase your score +4 with a few months of practice. I reccomend powerscore bibles and at least 20 PTs. No need to buy an expensive course. In reality you'll probably score more than +4 with sufficient practice.
  8. With a 3.8 L2 and a 154 you sit at a 239.5 index score which is very very borderline. I got accepted with a 239.75 so you still have a solid chance. With a science background and a GPA like that you really have a solid chance in the holistic round, like a really solid chance. Is there a reason you only got a 154? It seems like with a 3.8 in physics you could have done much better. Reccomendations: 1: Figure out how to explain your LSAT score for the holistic round. 2: study the LSAT and retake. The U of A averages scores but you can easily pull that up to a 156 which will almost certainly get you in next year.
  9. Accepted while I was at Church lol. L2: 3.5 LSAT: 161 (January write) I was quite surprised I got in to be honest.
  10. I'd send a quick email to admissions about your GPA. There seems to be some confusion regarding how your percent GPA will be converted but if they have your transcripts they should just tell you. Seems like that GPA might be a 3.7.
  11. To clarify: by this cycle do you mean for next fall or for last year?
  12. I agree. The point of the index is to guess how well you'll do in law school so a 3.1+170 makes sense. We think of that as a "low" gpa but it's still above average; but like you said, a gpa < 3 would be a huge red flag. A 170 means you scored better than 97% of people applying to law school so it's quite impressive by itself. It makes sense that they admitted cheech since he'll probably do quite well with those stats even without his other qualifications. The index might not be what the university is actually using but by looking at past stats, the 240-242 rule seems to hold. The past stats also show that people don't get in with a gpa < 3. I really hope that the index is at least somewhat accurate just because it gives me hope. I think our best guess is to say that the index score for autoadmit is just a little lower this year.
  13. It was my understanding that the index I used was an approximation of the weighting that the UofA uses. The 22.5*GPA+LSAT does give significant weight to the LSAT. Some people use 22 instead of 22.5 with the cutoff at 240 instead to weight the LSAT more heavily, but either way, the person in question (3.1GPA & 170 LSAT) would be below that cutoff. I am really hoping that the UofA looks more at LSAT than GPA like you said since my L2 is pretty meh.
  14. I haven't even got my LSAT score back yet because I waited until the january test... Really hoping the gods look with favour on us this cycle lol.
  15. Wow yeah, I just read that and it's pretty encouraging. A sub-240 index score is generally below the auto-admit range so that kind of score is interesting to see so early on. The pessimist inside me wants to guess that they just miscalculated their L2. People generally do a lot better as they go on in their undergrad, so if they are counting an older term or ignoring spring/summer classes then their L2 could be much higher. It also looks like they have a 170 LSAT (average) so that stat alone might be why they got an offer, but who knows?
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