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  1. I believe that my stats make me pretty competitive for early acceptance, around 91% gpa and 167 LSAT but ended up applying in the middle of November. Anyone have any experiences submitting your application fairly close to the deadline but still receiving an early acceptance?
  2. I just wanted to make sure I had a solid chance since I won't be applying to many law schools. I'm still finishing up my undergrad this year, does my final year gpa count for admissions?
  3. I'm currently finishing up my 3rd year and planning on taking the LSAT this September. One thing that caught my attention is that some schools like U of T frown upon less than full credit loads (less than 5 courses per term). The issue is that I took a lot of AP courses in high school which fulfilled a lot of my credit requirements. So, I was able to take less courses. In first year, I took 5 courses, then 4 courses. In second year, I took 4 courses, then 4 courses, then did 6 credits abroad in the summer. My third year, I'm also doing 5 courses then 4 courses. The problem is that after third year, I've pretty much met all my degree requirements and only need to take 21 more credits. (So, it would be 4 courses and 3) Is this a huge problem for U of T and do I need to take more (unnecessary) courses just to take the full credit load for fourth year?
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