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  1. $2200 Total - 3 x LSAT = $900 - Application Fee (applied to 6 Ontario Schools) = $800 - Prep Materials $500 My parents assisted with prep materials and a portion of the application fee but the process can get expensive really fast
  2. Money orders are similar to cheques written for someone except for the fact that they are paid for in advance. This way the money leaves your account as soon as the order is submitted and the recipient doesn't have to worry about any adverse events such as the cheque bouncing. In essence, you are mailing withdrawn cash, yes. If you do opt for this route, it's highly advised that you receive a tracking # when you mail the order in, for obvious reasons. In hindsight, I would have gone with the online route too if I had known this was an option. I'd contact oz directly to inquire about this if I were you
  3. I imagined an online payment would be processed without delay, so that's a bit strange. Hopefully we both get some sort of confirmation ASAP
  4. I emailed admissions early this afternoon but no response yet. Hopefully I hear some word of confirmation back soon
  5. Hi all, I've accepted my offer to oz for 2020-2021 and sent my deposit fee in before easter weekend. The tracking information from Canada post states the mail was delivered early last week, but I've yet to receive confirmation on oasis that the deposit has been paid. Is anyone else in a similar situation or can comment on the delay time for the confirmation to appear on oasis?
  6. I've been routinely checking to see whether OSAP applications for 2020-2021 have opened for the past few weeks and, have been consistently hit with a message saying the application will open in spring. I'm not too sure when exactly the site means by spring, so I was curious to know whether anyone is aware of the confirmed date?
  7. That's fine, but you made it seem that OP should only pursue a professional reference if it were from someone in the legal field. I wanted for them to know that it can come from anyone from their "shitty part-time undergraduate job" as long as they feel that the person can speak positively of them. Only uoft disregards the reference letters completely so unless OP is only applying there, this information may be of use to them
  8. Do you mind elaborating here? I have been admitted with a professional reference letter written by a former supervisor at a provincial ministry. The work was in no form related to law. I also have some friends who've been admitted (previous cycles) with reference letters from their supervisors at our university campus bookstore, obviously where the work was not law related
  9. I believe you may be looking at it from a purely optimistic perspective. Shit happens. Expenses may vary and funds have to be allocated elsewhere as a result. Nonetheless, the optimist in me would love to hear some insight on this matter because I'm sadly looking at a similar financial hole
  10. Seconding this immense fear. I feel as if we'd be missing out on everything 'good' 1L has to offer. Oh ... I'm also a science major with no clue on how to learn the law lol
  11. I received the email this week and declined my offer of admission in early March. I assume everyone who applied to Ryerson received the email irrespective of whether admission was granted or not.
  12. I'm a 0L right now with a couple of offers & also possess an interest in IP. I found the discussions in the thread I'll link below to be not only helpful but seemingly agreed upon by many members of the forum:
  13. I cant believe that I'm posting in this this thread!! In this morning!! GPA: 3.77, 3.85 L2 LSAT: 141, 153, 156 Filled out part B but I don't know how considerable my claim was. Truly wishing luck to everyone!
  14. Congrats on the offer! I literally have identical stats and hope to hear back soon. Would you say that you have any prominent ECs, experience or strong LORs that might have stood out?
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