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  1. I emailed Windsor law a few weeks ago regarding the January LSAT. They just emailed me back: "The January LSAT date will be considered for September 2020 applications." Hope that information helps!
  2. RAMSS goes down for maintenance from 12 to 1 AM every day I believe
  3. My first write was in November as well. I have not heard back from Ryerson either. I did the January LSAT, but it doesn't seem like that has affected the order in which applications are being viewed. I did my undergrad from Ryerson, having an existing account/student number does not seem to affect admissions either.
  4. Went from incomplete to referred today. cGPA - 3.44 / 154 LSAT (156 Jan)
  5. In queue January 29th. Filled out part B. cGPA: 3.44 / B2: 3.62 / L2: 3.55 LSAT: 154, 156 (Jan 2020)
  6. Np! I think Windsor single JD takes December at the latest. But I’ve seen cases on this forum where they’ve accepted January. Hopefully they do that this year as well
  7. Just checked OLSAS and my January score has been uploaded. Whether or not a law school will consider it for admissions depends on their admissions policy. I think OLSAS automatically sends them to each school.
  8. Same here. Only have November write, waiting on January.
  9. Mine still says application incomplete with 6 tasks initiated. Should I email admissions about it since its February now?
  10. Two weeks into January now, wondering if anyone with a November-only LSAT has gotten any acceptances?
  11. I wonder how much an access-to-justice oriented application is favoured as well as mature applicants who have stated entrepreneurial aspirations. That's kind of their pitch. Many of the recently-hired faculty have taught me when I did my undergrad there. Most of them are justice-oriented and very good, but i'm not sure how much that factors into the admission committee decisions. I've got a 3.44 cGPA and 154 LSAT, so fingers crossed. Wrote the January LSAT yesterday.
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