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  1. I just met with a Scotiabank advisor today regarding the PSLOC, and he mentioned that after graduation you have the option of keeping the LOC as revolving credit as well. Not sure if this is a newly available option, but it's still pretty great to know!
  2. Mine is still the same lol. At this point I don't have any intentions of attending UBC due to changes in circumstance, but I'd still like to know that I got a decision considering I paid the fee.
  3. I can't be the only one obsessively checking their e-mail lol. Any day now!
  4. I echo this. I usually try to tell myself that no news is good news, but in this case who knows lol
  5. I am also waiting to hear back. I am guessing there may be a few sporadic offers once the previous offers expire, but I am not too sure at this point.
  6. Anyone think there will be another wave of acceptances after yesterday?
  7. You have to make sure you are on the Canadian Credit Karma site. You should be able to make an account there.
  8. From my understanding, only Western knows you are on their waitlist as the notification is on their student website. I think other schools only get information if decisions are made on OLSAS 🙂
  9. I also applied under the regular category, and have not yet seen any updates on my file. Tbh I am not expecting anything positive but I'd like closure haha
  10. You're definitely right. I by no means am assuming that schools will be handing out deferrals freely, I was just wondering how comfortable people are with proceeding into 1L given the possibility of online learning. Maybe I should rephrase - if deferring on the basis of the present circumstances were an option, how many people would strongly consider it?
  11. Out of curiosity, are many people considering deferring their admission to 2021 given the COVID-19 situation?
  12. Waitlisted today as well cGPA 3.76 / 155 I'm not too sure what my L2 is like but I imagine maybe a little higher than my cGPA. Much like what others are saying - does the waitlist tend to move?
  13. I see people are getting WL'd and rejected. Anyone still under evaluation?
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