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  1. That's actually super interesting. I re-wrote in January as well, so maybe I'll keep an eye out for that.
  2. For those who have received acceptances already, do you mind sharing when your file changed to 'under review'? I know it may not have any bearing on when you hear back, but I am just wondering on average, how long people waited to hear back.
  3. I am curious about this. I too am still showing incomplete, but have not received an e-mail like this from Windsor. I have three references in my OLSAS application, and all three are academic.
  4. Anyone still showing incomplete? Wondering if I should start worrying lol
  5. For sure, I just meant that the overall process seems to be moving slowly.
  6. I have been wondering this as well. My application has been "under evaluation" for quite some time, and the accepted thread has not been very active lately.
  7. In queue as of January 21! cGPA 3.76 according to OLSAS, LSAT 154, re-wrote in January
  8. Yeah, test anxiety got the best of me without a doubt. Do you think adcom would still consider me after January results are released though? I know a 154 is really weighing my application down 😓
  9. I re-wrote my LSAT in January, was PT'ing mid-160's before writing so definitely hoping I managed to do the same on test day. I'm starting to get nervous as there has been no movement on my application (i.e. still not in queue).
  10. I know it has been mentioned that when your application goes into queue is somewhat irrelevant to the application process, however; does anyone know if your application would go into queue at a later time if you have indicated that you are re-writing the LSAT? I sat for the November administration but also re-wrote in January, so just wondering if that could contribute to going into the queue later.
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