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  1. ya lol no worries, I felt like OP needed a little roast for their unchecked classism and fatphobia
  2. ah yes, nothing says "image of success" like a 19.99$ H&M blouse.
  3. seeing how they deal with admissions, i wonder if everything else at mcgill law is this complicated/emotionally draining lol.
  4. does anyone know if they started waitlisting candidates?
  5. i was able to register on may 4th, dans ton centre étudiant ça devrait être écrit la date à laquelle tu peux t'inscrire
  6. I want to cry. 1L online sounds like my worst nightmare.
  7. Yeah I wouldn't count on an unofficial facebook group to deduce how many spots are left. Unless they are reeeeeeeally late in the admissions cycle (which is likely given the circumstances and mcgill's general tardiness in the admissions cycle - look at previous year's threads), I don't think there are many spots left. The class size is usually around 180 students.
  8. weeks? jeez. i hope they mean 2-3 weeks and not 6. I can't wait for this to be over. (thank you for sharing the info!)
  9. hard agree with @lolschool. deal with it and move on, stop giving terrible advice to everyone.
  10. Strict Scrutiny - a podcast on the SCOTUS & legal culture. us-centered but nonetheless super interesting I'd also recommend Serial (especially season 1). It's a classic if you're interested in criminal law and true crime. Not stricly legal but they do give you a lot of legal information on the case.
  11. @bigtruss thank you for your response! Adcomms and schorlarship/funding committees can be so random (i'm looking at you SSHRC...), it's one of the reasons why I decided to leave academia. I feel like there was no real "starting fresh" in academia; the ones who get the prestigious scholarships/funding -usually- end up with the postdoc fellowships and, eventually, tenure. i really hope we all get in... fingers crossed!
  12. love the NHL analogy. I also read somewhere that you =/= your application. They accept/reject your application, not you personally.
  13. yeah that RFR seems pretty much engraved there lol
  14. does anyone else struggle with the idea of potentially being one of the very last candidates admitted? like that one kid who was always picked last in gym class. I'd be very greatful to be admitted but I wonder if I'll always feel somewhat inferior to my classmates.
  15. enjoy your time in sherbrooke! I hear it's a really fun city for students. A few of my friends did their law degree there (I'm 25 lol) and loved it!
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