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  1. More Articling positions at TD: 2020-2021 Application Deadline for this position is March 13, 2020 https://jobs.td.com/en-CA/jobs/10773995/2020-2021-articling-position-td-insurance-staff-legal-markham-ca 2021-2022 Application Deadline for this position is May 1, 2020 at 5:00 pm https://jobs.td.com/en-CA/jobs/10773996/2021-2022-articling-position-td-insurance-staff-legal-markham-ca
  2. Examples of International Articling Placements: 1. An articling placement with a principal in Hong Kong who is providing the articling candidate with an experience that substantially deals with Hong Kong real estate law. 2. An articling placement in Boston with a lawyer called to the Massachusetts’ Bar who is providing the articling candidate with an experience that substantially deals with U.S. trade laws. 3. An articling placement with the War Crimes Tribunal under the direct supervision of a judge. Upon completion of an international articling placement, the supervising lawyer shall submit the Certificate of Service under Articles. The approval process takes approximately 2 weeks provided all required documentation is filed.
  3. Examples of National Articling Placements: An articling placement served with a principal in Quebec who is providing the articling candidate with an experience that substantially deals with Quebec civil law. An articling placement served with a principal in British Columbia who is providing the articling candidate with an experience that substantially deals with British Columbian wills and estates law.
  4. IMPORTANT INFORMATION! For those of you who didn't know: You can complete your "Law Society of Ontario 10 months articling placement" outside of Ontario. (other Canadian provinces, even in Quebec or outside of Canada- International) Information below is taken from the Law Society of Ontario's website: Candidates may choose to complete their articling placement in Ontario, or another province or country. Candidates who article in Ontario must file an Articles of Clerkship form within 10 business days of their articling start date. Candidates who choose to article outside of Ontario, must file an Application for National or International Articling Placement in advance of their articling start date. The Law Society may not grant credit for time spent in an articling placement that has started more than 10 business days prior to the date an Articles of Clerkship form is filed with the Law Society. If the form is filed later than 10 business days after the start date of the articling placement, the candidate will be invoiced a late fee of $100 (plus applicable taxes).
  5. For those of you feeling discouraged, sending you a little push. A few current articling positions still opened on the web: * Google the job title, organization name and location to find the job description or via Linkedin. - The Personal Insurance Company / Desjardins - Articling Student Internships (5 positions) – Summer 2020 in Aurora / in Mississauga - Smart & Biggar - Law Student – in Ottawa/ in Toronto/ in Montreal/ in Vancouver/ in Calgary (Students seeking summer or articling positions are encouraged to submit an application at any time directly to Smart & Biggar) - Canadian Blood Services - Articling/ Law student – in Ottawa. - Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation - Articling Student 2020-2021 in Ottawa. English Essential - Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation - Articling Student 2020-2021 in Montreal. Bilingual (French & English) - Canadian Coast Guard – Articling Student – in Ottawa - Canadian Coast Guard PPSC, Québec Regional Office - Articling Student – in Montreal Disclosure: I post this in good faith with NO ADVANTAGE TAKEN & NO COMMISSION. I know how hard and stressful it is to find an articling position. I’ve been there. It’s hard to believe in law, but sharing is caring. We have to be humans and help each other’s despite the competition.
  6. I'm sorry you feel that way, keep strong and positive ! There's quite a few candidates that work for TD who applied. If you applied for the Compliance position as well, you should have asked your superior for a letter of reference. If you already work for TD, why didn't you ask your superior to contact the hiring manager for the job. There's the internal Skype... When there's a will, there's a way to follow up .
  7. It's very competitive, you forgot when you entered law school? In Career Services, a few topics down, you will see the title Desjardins...
  8. Hi, yes, interview invites and first interviews are already done. Follow-up!!! Follow-up !!! It's important when you apply for articling positions.
  9. Maybe the ad ran up to the 31st on the Osgoode job boards. It's always good to apply within a week preferably of the posting. Unfortunately, it's too late for the TD positions. P.S. Check out the Desjardins similar articling positions that just came out 2 days ago.
  10. Officially yes, calls have started, however its all the week.. until Friday, normally.
  11. I'm sorry to change subjects (I know it's common sense but I repeat) Articling Applicants, An "in-person" interview is a lot more valuable than a phone interview ! Always try to meet face to face for jobs, you will get "extra points" even if they offer you phone interviews.. If you already said yes to a phone interview, call back and change it ! You look more interested pushing for that "in-person" interview + both sides applicants and interviewers can have a better feel of the interview. Have a good week
  12. I said "phone interviews will be placed on first week of February." but depending on the 2 positions, it could be "in person" interviews this week + the first week of February. Good luck everyone !
  13. Great Tanx, in that case we are saying about the same thing, in different words... I know quite a few lawyers all over Canada that did the move to "in house" with a litigation background. Why? Mostly because of the stress level and family/work ratio for the ones who got a salary cut (coming from big litigation firms) or sometimes they do the move for a salary raise (coming from small or medium litigation firms or getting an important promotion going "in house"). Logically speaking, from "litigation" to "in-house" is a smoother transit than the contrary. (maybe a few exceptions do exist) Signed Adam, ( )
  14. HR should start contacting candidates next week and the week after. Phone interviews will be placed on first week of February. Demonstrate why TD needs you. How will you make a difference in the department as an articling student.
  15. Most lawyers going in-house are litigation background lawyers that "didn't like litigation" or needed a more relax job. Don't want to contradict you but "Insurance defence" as you stated ...is actually litigation Defence = litigation ... going to court.
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