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  1. So far there’s give or take 25-30 of us who are going to be moving/already moved
  2. First years are automatically enrolled by Wanda. Might just be a vacancy if someone withdrew from the program and they haven’t pulled from the waitlist
  3. There are a group of us that still planning on moving in the fall so you would have people should you decide to go. There is also quite a few who plan on staying in their home province as well!
  4. Was there a deadline to accept the waitlist by? If so, it may have automatically changed if the time period passed
  5. I’m from PEI, declined May 1st for one closer to home
  6. No not yet, there was a thread about that:) They don’t have a committee together yet and said it would still be a few weeks out especially with the pandemic! It’s on its way though. Can’t wait to meet everyone
  7. I was offered but will be declining today
  8. Rejected today: lsat 160 gpa:3.9 bummed because UVic was my first choice but fortunate enough to have received other offers:)
  9. Honestly it was probably the voicemail they put originally a few weeks ago. They most likely moved to making the decisions via online discussions after realizing how long the schools would be closed.
  10. I’ve opted to go to a school closer to home that is offering financial aid so there will be a spot opening up
  11. That’s great! Congrats! did they give you a deadline for you to decide by?
  12. Also got accepted off the waitlist (number 8)
  13. Accepted today off the waitlist:) gpa: 3.8 lsat: 160
  14. As far as I know they haven’t made a Facebook page yet! You’re right, there is probably going to be some delays as they try to work through the pandemic.
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