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  1. First of all, sorry for adding to what must be a tidal wave of Chance spam. My LSAT score was 160 on my only attempt, and my cGPA is 3.29 on a 4.3 scale. My B2 is a little foggier; my 2nd year GPA was around 3.0, while my 3rd year GPA was upwards of 3.8. My 4th year marks are already better, with a 3.9 in the Fall Semester. I'm not sure how they'll calculate my B2, or if they'll update it to include my 4th year marks following the winter semester, but it could be anywhere from a 3.5 (according to LSAA) to a 3.7. I have no connection to Saskatchewan, but beyond that my softs are ok. Anybody willing to take a swing at my odds of admittance?
  2. Me lol, I'll be calling them tomorrow.
  3. Honestly that sounds perfect to me, if I get in anywhere I'll be happy thank you so much for all the help, I really appreciate it!
  4. I think they're ok, although I'm not sure they'd be enough to get me through the more holistic processes: work experience in a government job including a few awards and a promotion, volunteering through the school and extra-curricular athletics. Just out of curiosity, would my stats be any more competitive at another Ontario law school? I applied everywhere but Lakehead, I figured it would be worth the money to hedge my bets.
  5. Ah ok, I was just hopeful because I just requested an updated transcript to OLSAS. Not sure if I calculated my L2 right, but LSAA says 3.5. It also says my cGPA is a 3.47, whereas my transcript (Queen's) says 3.3, so I suppose the reality might be lower.
  6. Sorry to post this, I'm sure all these chance requests must be getting annoying but I just can't help asking. My cGPA is only 3.3, but my GPAs from each of the past three semesters (3rd year and Fall of 4th year) have been 3.75, 3.95 and 3.9. My 2nd year GPA was roughly 3.0 and my first year GPA was even lower than that. I think my softs are pretty pedestrian, and while they won't kill my application I don't think they provide any advantage. What are my chances? Do my earlier grades kill my application?
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