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  1. Exactly lol Unless you really want to get into that law school. Sucks, but that's the reality of it.
  2. You did the right thing, for sure. If you make a reviewer uncomfortable, that's a negative feeling and likely won't bode well for you. You want them to feel positive about your application, so it's better to focus more on how you dealt with problematic situations, grew from them, fought back via the systems in place, etc. than to expatiate on the situation itself. As someone who reviewed entrance personal statements this year, don't. Don't do anything even remotely close to it. Don't censor it, don't dance around it. If you aren't clever enough to figure out something else to do, then you aren't getting into my law school. As I said, if you make me uncomfortable, that's not going to work in your favour. And if you'll cuss in a PS, who knows what else you might do? I don't know who you are, your PS tells me that, and profanity tells me you're not very moderated. And that's coming from someone who swears like a sailor.
  3. Soooo I messed up in naming this thread It's post-articling RECRUIT jobs, not actually post-articling or junior associate jobs. Maybe you should try your post as a whole new thread?
  4. There is a spreadsheet. If you want access, DM me.
  5. I agree with @Veggie77- wait. I went back to law school in my late 30s when my kid was old enough that it wouldn't matter that I was going to be so damn busy, both in school and in my career. There is no rush - the law will wait. See if you enjoy one of the other careers you can explore first, and only turn to the law if you feel you will be madly in love with it. If not, it's a lot of misery that may not bring you the fulfillment you seek from directly helping people.
  6. There are 29 open for applications rn. That's a healthy number, and it may stay that high into May, but after that... who knows.
  7. Ignore bullshit posts that make claims based on zero facts and keep applying.
  8. Yes, specifically all of those firms - one gave me a job, the other three offered me an interview. And others.
  9. I had only 3 OCIs, yet I had tons of interest from these post-recruit firms and was offered a job at one of them. There is no set rule for anything in the job recruit, including who they are interested in vs who Bay is interested in.
  10. I'm full-time, but my experience at U of T is that getting accommodations is a degrading, even though I have an array of well documented, very long-term disabilities. My friends who also have accommodations have a similar experience, including those who have conditions of an invisible nature, such as mental health issues or learning disabilities. I very much hope the other schools are kinder in their accommodation processes. That said, I had no problems with accommodations in my clinic work or school-based ECs. At the law school, they saw my requests for accommodations as akin to getting a leg up or cheating. I never felt that when requesting accommodations at the places I volunteered or worked at. It was a huge difference in levels of respect between the two.
  11. LOL kk you got me there. Me either, so sorry, I have zero advice Maybe do as you do for exams and just read someone else's summary?
  12. Probably the same way you read them for school. Anyone remember Newfoundland? He'd be proud of this post.
  13. This is why I spoke to the hyper-individualism of these issues. If you have a niche and are a mature student, that can put you ahead of others. But not always - I had significant work and volunteer experience in a niche, and the interviewers made it very clear my age still worked against me. It depends on the niche and the interviewers (and probably also just how old you actually appear to be).
  14. In my 2L year, it seemed to affect anyone over 27. It may differ by year, school, firm, etc. I'd also like to say that I think while all of the reasons why "old people don't work here" mentioned in this thread are truly held by firms, all of them are bullshit because they're so hyper-individualized. A mature worker may end up bringing in more money, or fitting exceptionally well, or having less outside work obligations and distractions. That doesn't mean the firms consider that when negating an applicant based on their age. We also can't debate them merits of these beliefs because they are merely beliefs. So as you read this thread, it should just help you understand why mature students are looked down upon by firms, and there's no point in getting into whether the beliefs held are true or not. I think delving into the latter leads us to make hurtful and often inaccurate generalizations which are unnecessary to settle the topic at hand.
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