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  1. THIS LOL I love the rain, even more than the sun. I like the idea that I can walk to something beautiful in a short amount of time. I also really like the culture, and I've heard practicing is much less acrimonious. But the lack of jobs is a serious consideration for sure. Only 12 firms posted on viLawPortal, and only a few more made articling positions available on their websites. It's not a great time to try to move.
  2. Sorry for coming back (two months) late to this conversation, I apparently got notifications for everything else but this thread. 😕 I appreciate all of this information! BQ was correct, I've considered the social/mental aspects of the move. I'm happy to give up my life in Ontario, which isn't a great life, and restart somewhere with mountains and ocean. I just wanted to be sure that the pay disparity was small, and you've all assured me that it appears to be. I can handle making $25k less if it means I can stand anywhere in the city and turn around to see a mountain. My mental health improves so drastically when I'm in the city, and my family has moved there, so literally everything I want is in Vancouver. When I return to the dull gray reality of Toronto, it's depressing. We'll see how the articling recruit goes Thank you all for your contributions to this conversation!
  3. Labour & employment preferably, but I'll take whatever I can get to get to the West Coast.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm considering doing the articling recruit in both BC and ON. I've been meeting with lawyers from BC as much as possible to prepare. One told me that they pay in BC is dramatically lower than in ON and I should take that into account. I'm wondering if anyone with knowledge of the pay levels in both provinces might indicate what "dramatically" might mean? Thank you for your help!
  5. Learn McGill citation. That's the only bit of prep I did before law school and understanding how it works, and having bookmarks to help me remember the nuances of it, really sped up my writing process once I had papers due. If you want some resources, shoot me a DM and I'm happy to share.
  6. I'm as old as dirt and got a $50k/year LOC at TD Canada Trust with no problems at all, outside of them trying to cram additional things, such as credit cards and bank accounts, down my throat. I even brought my husband with me, who is OLDER than dirt, and they didn't flinch. If you have any other questions about being a mature student in law school, feel free to DM me.
  7. That's the thing, I've heard from many firms who say their business is fine (if not booming in certain sectors), it's just the remote work which is the issue. Summer students are there for such a short time (only 2.5 months at Loopstra, for example) that it isn't worth the hassle to get them onboarded virtually. But we'll see how it goes. Having been laid off by my firm but offered articling, I'm currently weighing my options. I'm not sure what I'll do.
  8. A large accounting firm let its 2L law students know that, basically, they should be prepared to be broken up with shortly. They have yet to write the Dear John note, though.
  9. I've received clarification that this is NOT the case.
  10. I heard that McMillan cancelled their program, but when I followed up with an articling student at McMillan, they said they hadn't heard that was the case. Can anyone confirm?
  11. as is Advocates for Injured Workers, and while they don't officially only bring in students from U of T, they unofficially do for me, the decision came down to two things: location (both what is available around it and how quickly I could get to it from my cheaper home in the burbs) and cache (it may not be as important as it was, but I'll take it). I haven't regretted my decision (my decision to go to law school at all is another thing).
  12. I'm late to this party. Also a mature student, pretty amazing ECs, 4.0 CGPA, master's degree with average grades, 161 LSAT. I got in on the first day acceptances were sent out. So there is hope!
  13. Monkhouse did their interviews a few weeks ago. Other than them, I don't know of any more L&E firms hiring in the near future. Sole practitioners might be, though!
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