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  1. When I didn't get a job in the recruit, I started emailing firms I was interested in working for. Two were willing to make a job for me (sadly, they were too late!) I also literally google searched for firms in the city I wanted to work for that listed summer student or articling positions. I didn't find the CDO was much help until the recruit was over, TBH. There were many more opportunities out there than what they listed.
  2. Anecdotally, a friend of mine got an LP in 1L and 2L and yet got a job at McMillan. The recruit is as much of a crapshoot as grades, so anything is possible. Apply broadly, network with people at the firms you apply to (esp. if they could vouch for you, articling students often have the ability to send an email to the hiring committee to say "Hey, this person is cool!"), write cover letters that tell the firms exactly why you want to work there and why you'd be the best choice, and polish up your interviewing skills. All you need is one interview to get one job, so DO NOT LOSE FAITH IN YOURSELF. Confidence is attractive, and if you can bring a confident cover letter you can get interviews. If you can present a confident demeanour at interviews, you can get a job. You CAN do it! As to addressing it in your cover letter, you could put a single sentence about it, but I wouldn't waste more space on it. And be very careful what you write about it. You should get advice from the CDO or others who have gotten a job with an LP on their transcript. I'm going to ask my friend if they'd be able to talk to you about what they did. Also, your peers say they're doing fine academically. I hate to be a pessimist, but there is no way you're totally alone. And regardless, good for them if they are! That means nothing to you and your circumstances. In the end, we're all different - grades, extracurriculars, personality, demographics - and all of that comes together in the job recruit, for good or for bad. We cannot compare ourselves to others, we can only think about ourselves and put ourselves out there the best way possible.
  3. I saw the same thing and put it down on my list for 2020 graduates only.
  4. Benson Percival Brown LLP called about interviews this morning.
  5. I'm not sure that I've seen anyone ask that in this thread. I think it's fair to 3LOL or even 2LOL when you have an articling job lined up. I also think we all know that the LOLing ends once we become a lawyer. This isn't about laziness, it's about pushing ourselves beyond the boundaries of sanity in order to try to climb a bell curve that is often arbitrarily set. There has to come a point where you can breathe.
  6. I would recommend looking at the textbooks your law school of choice uses for first year courses. You can email their student law society and they can get the information for you. That will give you a head's up on what readings you'll be expected to undertake. As to a support system, you may find one at school regardless of being an old lady But since you don't have much support outside school, definitely consider schools which offer lots of clubs and social offerings, like peer mentoring programs or mental health initiatives. They can be a real life saver. And since school will likely be online into the foreseeable future, your support will be online too, which means the support you can get from users of this forum isn't something to ignore. There are lots of great people here with answers to questions or advice to give, so be sure not to shy away from asking for help here. For example, feel free to DM me any time!
  7. Also, I believe for 1Ls this year it's 13 days, since papers are due on the last day of the semester (21st) and their classes start the same week as intersession. Intersession is also a requirement for graduation, so upper years have to do it in either 2L or 3L. tl;dr U of T 1Ls get 13 days (I believe they all have papers due) 2Ls and 3Ls who have papers this semester and do an intersession next semester also get 13 days 2Ls and 3Ls who have papers this semester but don't do intersession next semester get 20 days 2Ls and 3Ls who only have exam courses have some amount greater than 20 days, such as cherrytree's 23 days.
  8. Good question! I found an articling position which is intended to turn into an associate position, and they knew my age and had zero issues hiring me. They also hired an NCA student for articling last year who still works there and he's near 40. I also know of a third person who is in his late 30s at least and he also works at the same firm, only in their Toronto office. Lastly, I know of a 40+ year old who was a year ahead of me at U of T and he got a Bay St. articling position which led to a job. tl;dr: Probably depends on the person, but 40ish year old people are getting jobs
  9. As far as the grades/LSAT assessment, yeah for the first batch because they need time for humans to assess your various essays and personal statement. To have that done by the first week of December, assuming the calls go out then, would require those assessments to be provided very soon. As a result, they probably began assessing before your grades came out.
  10. Yep! As long as your LSAT scores were in early enough. I was in my 4th year and got a call the first week of December, and I did the LSAT in September that year. Also, I should say if they DO find your 160/3.78 competitive enough, you COULD get a call in the next 2 weeks. But if they don't, then your 167, once processed, could get you admission later on.
  11. FWIW, because you did the November LSAT you probably won't hear back from U of T until next year (since early acceptances should be going out in the next two weeks). If you do get accepted elsewhere, I'd highly recommend holding out until at least March to accept, if you can (not sure what the deadlines are for those schools), just in case you get into U of T. But you can stan Loona until the rivers stop running 😁
  12. I second what Bart said. It's about a good map/outline + exam practice. Once I moved from "studying" like I did in UG to this method, my grades improved dramatically.
  13. If you're dependent upon straight answers, a JD might not be the right choice.
  14. I was an online odd jobber. I did everything from run an eBay store to website design to research. I decided to go back to school to see what more I could do with my life, and I decided the law was the best way to give back while also possibly enacting change in society. I figure it's a nice way to end a long and weird career.
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