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  1. AGPA - 3.96, LSAT 155, Index of 73.18, position 138 on waitlist. MB Resident.
  2. Does anyone have an idea roughly how many covid deferrals there were for last round?? I’m wondering how much it’s going to affect the class size and the waitlist movement
  3. Rejected today with a l2 of 3.8 & 155 lsat, lots of EC’s & a good statement IMO. Sucks because UCal was my dream law school but the lsat is my personal enemy. good luck to everyone else still waiting
  4. Has anyone been formally rejected yet? All I’ve seen is waitlist and acceptances
  5. I submitted mine on Saturday the 31st and got it back on Monday!!
  6. I took an LSAT course and our advisor told us that cancelling your score is worse than having a bad score. If you have a bad score, or in this case an average one of 150 and then say you get a 165 on your next one it shows that you improved, etc. But if you just have a blank spot schools will see that you cancelled your score and they don't necessarily count it against you but apparently they don't like it. (according to my instructor, so take with a grain of salt)
  7. I got my writing sample approved after 2 days!! So you should be good to know soon.
  8. Hey folks! I am currently working on my application, and am just finishing the extra curricular section. I have a lot of EC's (president of faculty association, director on the largest governing board on campus, etc etc) and some of these roles mandated that I was a part of other student groups. So for example, I have President, and in the description of that I included 10 other committees and groups I had to sit on since it was a part of my role. (I indicated the frequency for these as well). That was the case for about 4 of my EC's, but because of this I have one empty spot on my EC list. What I am wondering is if we think it would be better to leave one slot blank, or should I just toss in there that I was Vice President of my high schools association? In my Lived Experiences I was going to touch on it briefly. (for context I just graduated with my BA and finished HS in 2016) Anyways, I would appreciate any input or thoughts on this, I know I might just be being a Type A but I mean aren't we all? Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Hey! Fresh food company is alright, they always have veggies, starch, and a meat as well as a stir fry station every night. It closes at 8. Breakfast opens at 7 (11 on weekends which is really inconvenient) and they have lots of cereal, an egg station, toast, bagels, fruit, etc. I really recommend getting it if convenience is important to you. Living in AVM you would have to get a hot plate to cook groceries (hide it from the RA lol) but definitely gives you more autonomy. Overall, fresh food is close to AVM which is nice, and I liked it, the food gets redundant but as a law student who would be studying lots, if you don’t like cooking I would get it. And it comes with a limited amount of food bucks that you can use most places on campus for coffee (Starbucks, tims) or food which I really liked. Meal plans vary, I think some people like the unlimited, but I got the 15 meals/week plan and I found that was really sufficient, especially because weekends I would usually just eat once or twice. As for the internet, I don’t know if there was that limit when I was living there two years ago, I don’t remember ever reading about it, or experiencing restrictions myself, I also don’t think I know anyone who has gotten their own wifi, but if you call residence life and ask to speak with Lori she should know if anyone does that! It might be more common in AVM. Hope that was helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions edit: I did live in UCR my first year. if it’s something you are highly considering, live in a single on the 8th floor. It’s the top floor, and is the “scholars floor” - there are more quiet hours than other floors. I don’t know how much of a difference it makes, (I could ask if you would like). UCR is about a 7 minute walk from fresh food, but has a cafeteria that takes food bucks downstairs.
  10. So, I definitely agree that it is a bit wonky that you have to live in AVM, but I did live in Residence at the U of M for two years and was a Resident Advisor. AVM definitely has it’s fallbacks, but it is MUCH quieter than all of the other residences, and you also don’t have to purchase a meal plan. The other residences are full of first and second year students who will be partying very often, which is definitely very difficult for studying. There are new student housing options just off University Crescent that you can look into, where it’s just one 3 minute bus to Robson Hall, and you can live by yourself. It’s called the ARC, so try googling that!!
  11. Waitlisted, spot 212 (lol) Index: 69.08 AGPA:3.85 LSAT 152
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