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  1. Accepted very early this morning just like poster above me! Beyond excited since this is my first acceptance and I was definitely beginning to lose hope over the last few months. Best of luck to those still waiting! cGPA: 3.72/4 B2/L2: 3.82/4 LSAT: 153 Minor Saskatchewan connection; Deadline to accept is July 10th.
  2. Hey all, are the GPAs you're listing on the 4.0 or 4.3 scale? I'm still waiting as well with a cGPA of 3.72/4.0, B2 3.82/4.0, and 153 LSAT. Application has been completed for about a month now.
  3. Same here my friend. Exactly the same. Wish there was a fee of some kind we could pay that would ensure our files would be reviewed by a certain date lol--but I guess most applicants would be willing to pay such a fee! Either way, a rejection in June/July/August will sting that much more than if they did them months earlier like many other schools manage to do.
  4. That's encouraging that they said that. But, to be honest, we should take what they say with a grain of salt. The threads I looked at from last year were filled with these poor applicants allegedly being told (by the uOttawa admissions committee) that their files would be reviewed "within the week", and then the week would come and go with no update. Hopefully the committee proves me wrong with our files this year. The waiting is killing me too, but it's out of our hands now. Just gotta believe that we put our best foot forward in our applications.
  5. After looking at last year’s threads, it seems as though a handful of applicants were kept waiting well into July and beyond. Can’t help but wonder if it’ll be the same situation this year.
  6. They just mean that they’ve tailored their statements to the specific strengths, concentrations, and/or missions of the school. Some people will also discuss how they’d want to practice in the market where the school is located. Schools like uOttawa also have particular components that they look for when reading personal statements. This info is available on their Common Law website. Here’s the link: https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/admissions/how-to-apply/writing-your-personal-statement Best of luck to you!
  7. Received the President's email just after 10am...definitely got my hopes up after reading the misleading subject line. I'm currently still "under evaluation" as well. In my opinion, something like "Message from the President: Update Regarding COVID-19 at uOttawa" could've been used instead. Oh well, the waiting continues...
  8. Rejected today. cGPA: 3.71 (OLSAS) L2/B2: 3.81 LSAT: 153
  9. Also waiting still! cGPA: 3.71 / L2: 3.81 / LSAT: 153
  10. Received the wait list email this afternoon. Applied general category: cGPA: 3.71 (OLSAS) L2: 3.81 LSAT: 153 Strong PS and References; Decent ECs.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, GM! I'll look into that 4.0-4.33 GPA conversion. I'm hoping that my relatively higher B2 can offset the lower LSAT but, of course, we'll see what ends up happening as the waiting process continues. Thanks again!
  12. Any insight into my chances would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance. cGPA: 3.71 (OLSAS calculated) B2: 3.81 LSAT: 153 Solid personal statement and a decent Sask connection--not as strong a Sask connection as some I've seen on these forums, but a connection nonetheless.
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