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  1. Thank you both so much for taking the time to respond in detail. Feeling a lot better hearing some first hand experience!
  2. Hey thank you so much for your reply! I suppose my main thing with the NCA examinations is that I don't really know anyone here in Canada who has taken a similar path so it's a bit of an unknown to me. Did you find the summaries helpful and worthwhile? I was thinking a good set notes or summaries would be a helpful foundation to go off. This would be topped up by reading the materials and making my own set. Did you find that you relied back on your materials much during the examinations? I have never sat an open book examination and I don't like the idea of scrambling through notes to find something I could have easily learned. I suppose a well referenced set of material brought in or some straw-man structures for potential questions could alleviate the stresses of memorizing material. Thanks again for your help! p.s you mentioned UBC so I take it you are in B.C? I am too!
  3. How are you studying? Did you acquire all the books or notes? I'm curious as to how people typically go about revising for the examinations.
  4. Hello everyone! I wonder if anyone has had any experience with the NCA examinations recently and could possibly provide any insight. I have moved to Canada from the U.K where I studied law both at undergraduate (LLB) and masters (LLM) levels. I have been assigned the 5 mandatory NCA examinations and looking at the syllabus I am curious as to the level of study required and the difficulty of these examinations. I have seen on forums and elsewhere that if you have 'good access to notes' many people claim to not have bought the reading material books required and others claim that if you found law school examinations straight forward or scored highly then it shouldn't be an issue. Ideally I'm trying to gain some information on how onerous sitting the exams would be while working a full time job (and of course trying to have a life) and if I could sit all 5 in one sitting. Any insight into the most efficient way to revise and any other useful tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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