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  1. I agree over tutors and courses being expensive, but 7sage just came up with a new monthly program for $100/month—you need the 1-year access to all PTs from LSAC. I bought all the PowerScore books, the loophole, LSAT Trainer, and did not see the improvements that I see from 7sage. However, you may argue that the previous books predisposed me to better understand the material. This is somewhat true, but I learn best from listening. So, I encourage you to use your learning style to your advantage.
  2. It is obvious to assume that you are about to or finished high school. Thus, I can relate to you when I was your age. Then, I would believe anything that had any degree of logic. How ridiculous is that? You seem to be avoiding the LSAT. Why is that? Did your friends tell you it was hard? Lol. On a serious note, if you want to go to England for law, you don't even need to study undergrad in Canada. Moreover, I will tell you something invaluable I learned; once I started college, my level of skepticism rose enormously, and the LSAT elevated it even higher. Now, just looking at what you and your friends said, I found the following flaws: Your group of friends is not a representative sample, and thus their opinions COULD be biased, and thus irrelevant. What applies to some people does not necessarily mean it will apply to you. You assume that if you maintain a high GPA and graduate, you can go to England without doing the LSAT. If you go to U of T, you will get low grades. You assume that the latter two do not overlap. With that being said, it is obvious that you are going to make a very important choice in your life with many assumptions. So look outside the box and analyze your situation. Are there ways you can bypass your worries? What if you try U of T and if you do poorly transfer schools? What if you go to school and you learn invaluable insights as to what you really want to pursue? What if you prove wrong all your assumptions? Why do you even need a high GPA, if you are going to a British school that requires no LSAT? What if you learn how to separate irrelevant weak af arguments from factual ones?
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