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  1. Excited to say I have FINALLY been referred! All my to-dos are gone! Now to wait...some more. Did not get any email. Just randomly checked the portal now.
  2. It was today! At 10:39 am PST.
  3. Mine didn’t say anything about being a Lancer! It said: Thank you for your application to UWindsor! As we continue to plan for the fall semester, we are maximizing the opportunities for new and returning students to have an on-campus experience. Our return to campus planning is not just about lectures and labs. It is also about returning to the spirit of the University and our campus community. Focus is being placed on value-added experiences that require hands-on learning, such as studios and labs, along with academic advising, tutorials, help sessions, campus life (through UWSA and Student Experience), performances, undergraduate research, and physical activity, recreation and sports. All while reaffirming our commitment to students' health and safety, staff and faculty, and public health requirements. For more information, please see: https://www.uwindsor.ca/returntocampus As one of our applicants, your insights and feedback are important to us. To help us make improvements for future students, we hope that you will complete our survey.
  4. Can I ask who you emailed? I’ve been told a couple different ones and I don’t get any responses!
  5. I'm still pending.......you are all ahead of me! 🤪
  6. Good timing - there is an upcoming Webinar regarding Scholarships today. Here is the link to register: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3901637215092912908?source=E-Campaign
  7. Interesting! I did not write the LSAT in Jan or Feb. But I was waiting for my marks to be updated on a transcript so maybe that's why...
  8. Anyone else? I was Complete for the LONGEST time...updated to Pending Review a couple of weeks ago. I emailed UWINLAW and they marked my question as "solved" but no one responded? LOL
  9. Did you check your LSAC account to see if your mark was sent?
  10. My status was "Complete" since I applied. Today it moved to "Pending Review"...is this the step before referred? SOS exciting.
  11. I used both! And no response 🤪
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