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  1. I used both! And no response 🤪
  2. Who do you guys email directly at Windsor? I have a few times and never receive a response! EDIT: Ignore - I see someone already posted this above!
  3. Mine has been complete for SO long! (Well, not SO long but it feels like it)
  4. Just finished my Legal Ethics class and no longer need the book! Lawyers’ Ethics and Professional Regulation Third Edition. Good condition - I never write in my books. DM me if interested!
  5. Interesting! I think we all have something different 😂
  6. Is the LSAT score the only thing under your to-do list that is initiated? My entire to-do list is “initiated” and that’s maybe 9 items! But my application says Complete and has since I applied so I wouldn’t worry!
  7. I have 3 transcripts but OLSAS only posted my GPA for one (my friggin’ worst)! Do they update the others? Or is it all done in one shot and I need to call someone...😅
  8. Hi all! I help out with a large firm’s OCI process. DM me if you have any questions!
  9. Mine has said “Complete” since I applied. What’s the difference🤯
  10. My LSAT results were requested by OLSAS last week. They just showed up today in OLSAS and one of my transcripts has been reviewed. Movement is happening! Ahhhh 😀
  11. I am seeing this on the website - is this something I should have my GP fill out? https://www.uwindsor.ca/law/academic-coordinator/sites/uwindsor.ca.law.academic-coordinator/files/fillable_medical_notes_from_regualted_health_care_professionals_amended_2020522.pdf
  12. Hi all, I just have a question regarding the type of documentation I should submit to support my statement/access category under the SAM tab in OLSAS. Is the University looking for a letter from my GP? Or maybe some medical records with my diagnosis? I feel like medical records is a bit too much since this is an ongoing ailment since I can remember. Wondering what everyone's thoughts are. Thanks for the help! Best of luck to everyone!
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