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  1. Hi, 1L from Ryerson. Ahahaha I think it's safe to say the current law students rarely check Law students forum, with the amount of readings we have. Having said that... a few food for thoughts. Overall, positive experience so far in the program. I found the Faculty and the program to be mostly accommodating and adaptive to changes. We have a strong cohort connection, despite us starting in virtual setting... We have an option to attend one class in-person, if you want to. A lot of us mostly join via Zoom. The CDPPO or the Career Office has been supportive in application process for those who are interested In summer 1L positions. Generally found the external stakeholders, and the legal community to be very open and supportive in engaging and connecting with us in terms of networking. Please let me know if there are specific questions, happy to share. Thx
  2. Hello everyone, Those who have accepted the offer from Ryerson, please join our FB- Ryerson University Law Inaugural Class of 2023 ! Looking forward to starting the program with you all!
  3. sent you a message vv96!
  4. Long time lurker finally posting. accepted- yesterday CGPA 3.36 L2- 3.5 LSAT- 151 MSc- 4.0, decent extra curricular, butchered online interview but here I am
  5. I've called the faculty of law this week. They mentioned the application downloads once a week. If the status does not change by beginning of February to call them back and to resolve the issue.
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