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  1. I think that's good advice if your financial situation allows for it, but I can't afford not to work in the summer and go back in September. I'm not sure what my options would be in terms of doing something that I really enjoy because (1) COVID and (2) no money.
  2. And if so would you recommend it? Does any one know (not just speculate) how this would be viewed by prospective employers? I've been in uni for seven years straight and I really just want to take a year off to work and save some money so that I can stay motivated. Some family tragedies occurred just before I started 1L and I really didn't have the time to deal with all that happened, so that's [art of my motivation as well.
  3. I feel the same way, and what worries me is that I didn’t feel the same during undergrad. In my final semester of undergrad I finished all of my assignments early, did my readings beforehand, and felt motivated to do a good job. Now it feels like I can do the bare minimum - I’m always a bit behind on readings and am having trouble focusing in class. I know that I should feel motivated to pick up the pace with exams coming up fast, but I can’t force myself to feel that way this time. The advice people typically give hasn’t really helped me. “Have you tried making friends? Have you tried taking a weekend off? Have you tried practicing mindfulness?” All I can really think about is the fact that for the first time ever I’m at risk of failing (or at least doing exceptionally poorly) in school, coupled with the fact that for the first time since I was a teenager I haven’t been able to find a summer job (and I don’t just mean OCI, I mean not even waiting tables or bagging groceries). I know I’m kind of wallowing in self-pity, but the only reason I’m writing this is to let people who are in the same position know that they aren’t the only ones.
  4. Taylor Hyatt recently testified that her doctor suggested that she might look into the possibility of medically assisted death. She was then in her twenties and had pneumonia, so this would not be the customary indicated therapy. But Taylor was disabled and in a wheelchair. She would eventually recover from her pneumonia, as most twentysomethings do. “All the doctor seemed to see, though, was a disabled woman alone, sick, tired and probably tired of living,” said Hyatt. A quick injection could take care of all that, especially the “living” part. Fr. Raymond de Souza reports in National Post https://www.google.ca/amp/s/nationalpost.com/opinion/raymond-j-de-souza-canadians-need-more-palliative-care-not-same-day-death-on-demand/wcm/d02fc778-d2b8-40ff-bb88-8920bb795178/amp/
  5. @Luckycharm from Queen’s to UWO
  6. Has anyone transferred to a different school after 1L? If so, where did you start, where did you end up, and how/why did you make the change?
  7. I hate law school, I'm having a horrible time, I regret this decision immensely, I think my school is doing an awful job of handling things.
  8. I'm completely lost in every single one of my courses, with the possible exception of Contracts. I have NO CLUE what is going on in Public, its like my prof is speaking in gibberish. I find the material in every course incredibly boring, and while I do my readings, attend class and take notes, I feel completely unmotivated. I hate law school, and I know that I'm going to do horribly on my exams but I don't really care. It's nearly impossible for me to concentrate on Zoom, and whenever I sit down in front of my laptop to do work it takes me forever to get started and I'm really unproductive. I've always been a good student and have never had an experience like this before. I've spent the past few days over reading week outlining, and have been using a combination of class notes, lecture slides, case briefs and outlines shared by upper year students. I feel like my outlines are horrible, and I doubt they'll help me when I'm in an exam situation. This has been one of the worst experiences of my life.
  9. Ontario resident with decent French reading ability and basic speaking ability (and a strong desire to improve upon both) LSAT: 160 OLSAS GPA: 3.67 Honours BA (Joint major in English and History) B.Ed in Secondary Teaching I'm in at Queen's but McGill is still my top choice...do I have any hope?!
  10. In as of yesterday! General applicant 160 LSAT 3.67 cGPA 3.9 L2/B2
  11. I’m writing on January 13, and have been averaging 157 on my pts. I have a joint honours BA in English and History and a B.Ed. Decent extra curriculars and strong references.
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