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  1. Same as Day 1 as far as I could tell.
  2. 72 participants on the Zoom Welcome Day 1, 5 of them were hosts, also a handful of current students, so perhaps around 60 admitted students I guess.
  3. No, absolutely not. Sorry, don't mean to freak those of you who are still waiting out. There's modest number of people admitted by the time of Welcome Day usually, but many more acceptances roll in from February all the way until summer. Good luck!
  4. Hi folks - just curious to see who might be joining the virtual Welcome Day? Looking forward to meeting you all.
  5. I am an admitted mature student applicant so my situation is somewhat different, but I agree with the previous poster that the most important thing is how strongly your referee can speak to your abilities, especially your intellectual capacity. In my case, I had one reference from a professor in graduate school (10+ years ago) - I took one class with her back then and really liked it, we continued to exchange ideas during my time in graduate school, we stayed in touch in the past decade and would often have both academic/intellectual exchanges and ones related to my work (they are actually somewhat intertwined). My other reference was from a former supervisor with whom I first worked almost 13 years ago, I worked under her for maybe 3-4 years, we have stayed in touch and she has been a mentor of sorts to me. As long as they can speak to your strengths, I don't think it will hurt you! Good luck!
  6. I am also a re-admit and received my letter yesterday. I deferred last year for a variety of reasons. Mature student, out of school for 11 years, university & graduate degree in the US, worked overseas the past decade. Did not have any interviews (neither the one they said they might do with mature students nor the French one). GPA: 3.89, no LSAT, fluent in English & French (neither my native). One LoR is from a professor from graduate school with whom I've stayed in touch over the years and had lots of exchanges academically/professionally, another from a previous supervisor who has been a mentor to me. Hoping nothing will derail my plans again this year and very much looking forward to starting in Fall 2021!
  7. Seems like they have sorted out their technical issues and admissions letter are coming through now, mine included Good luck everyone!
  8. Hi All - Since you're all at the edge of your seats waiting, I thought this info might be useful for you - I am a deferred student (admitted last year) waiting for a new admissions letter. I was in touch with Admissions Office this week and they told me that they are having some technical issues that is causing some delays, so that may be a reason why offers haven't gone out yet (compared to similar timing last year).
  9. That's accurate. I did not have an interview (neither French or general interview). I don't know how my stats compare to other applicants, but I think they were fairly competitive. I did not take the LSAT and have also been out of school for over a decade.
  10. Actually it was Feb! Sorry, things getting a bit fuzzy this year...
  11. Hi - last year I was notified late January, but I understand that typically communication with mature students come much later. I know applicants who did not hear back until June. I think the logic maybe that mature student applications are more "atypical" so a bit more difficult to evaluate, so they prioritize the ones whose applications are bit more "standard" (out of school for a couple of years, strong stats, good overall holistic application, etc.).
  12. Same here! In my case, I had already been accepted but deferred (they confirmed that I was still eligible to apply), so I felt I had a pretty strong/compelling application, among other things in my profile. Would be keen to hear more about the criteria.
  13. Hi - We're around the same age with similar work experience + length of time out of school, so I thought I'd share my experience. I applied last year without LSAT and was accepted. I didn't have the option to take the LSAT so I decided to try any way - I got the sense that the Personal Statement & CV were really key. I did have a fairly strong GPA from university & graduate school 10+ years ago and good references. Feel free to DM if you have further questions. Good luck!
  14. Depends on which "wave" of offers you were in. I received offer mid-Feb and had April 1 as deadline to accept and pay deposit.
  15. Thanks everyone for the recommendations! I actually didn't know about the McGill Law journal podcast so this is really helpful. Thanks again!
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