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  1. Admitted today! Woke up and it was the first e-mail I read. Very excited - but now need to reconfirm that this is the right life choice to make! Stats: GPA: 3.89 (from 12 years ago) no LSAT Graduate degree No interview, no French interview LOR: from two mentors who have walked me through my career the past decade, one a professor from graduate school Work experience in Asia, Africa, Latin America. Currently overseas. Mature student Good luck everyone!
  2. @GreyDude Admissions Office confirmed that my interpretation is correct - that I am indeed a "mature student". Here is what they said: "Please be advised that you are considered a Mature applicant as you interrupted your formal education for a minimum of five years. There is no predetermined number of mature candidates admitted in a given year. A mature applicant is normally expected to have completed, at a minimum, a DCS (Diploma of Collegial Studies) from a CEGEP or two years (60 credits) of university studies. Mature applicants who are regarded as potentially admissible following a review of their file may be required to attend an interview."
  3. Will do. I just emailed Admissions and will let you know when I hear back.
  4. Does anyone have experience being called when they are overseas? I work overseas and am 9.5 hours ahead of Montreal - I am wondering whether they will call back or e-mail me if I missed their call while sleeping? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Yes, the student ambassador I exchanged with is actually a mature student. He said, "I did not apply under the Mature Student Admissions Category and was not contacted for an interview. From what I recall, I chose not to apply as a Mature Student because I did not meet the definition - I had not interrupted my education for more than five years. When I applied, I had already finished my education, I had not delayed or postponed anything. I think I applied under the University Student category." My understanding of the mature category definition is the same as yours! Might check with Admissions Office just so I don't spook myself.
  6. Hi All! I am piggybacking off this question - also applied as a "mature student" myself. I did a combined BA/MA program in the US 10+ years ago and was last in school in 2009 when I graduated with my MA in International Relations. Went off and worked in the humanitarian aid non-profit and mining sectors (doing indigenous/community engagement work in the latter) the past ten years in Africa/Asia/Latin America and currently in Afghanistan. I only applied to McGill because I was specifically interested in the dual degree, bilingual program, and the focus on indigenous law that aligned with my main motivation of going back to school (also just not practical to prepare for LSAT from Afghanistan so I did not bother). When I applied, I interpreted the definition of "mature student" as someone who was last in formal schooling 5+ years ago, so I just assumed that I should apply in that category. However, I have been exchanging emails with a Student Ambassador who seems to think that "mature student" means someone who "interrupted" their studies and did not complete it. Since I did complete my BA & MA degrees, by his definition I would be a regular applicant. I now just checked in the online system and the Admit Type is "US University/College" online - I don't remember if at any point it had said "Mature Student" when I first applied. Should I be worried that I may have misinterpreted their definitions? Sorry - I am slightly paranoid here being out of school for so long! Have applied to plenty of jobs the past decade but somehow this application gives me way more butterflies. Thanks everyone!
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