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  1. I have provisionally accepted and it'll turn firm after July 2nd I believe.
  2. This may have been asked before and this may not be the right thread for it but: If you firmly accept at one school, are you removed from any waitlists that you are on? I remember seeing a question related to this before but I can't find it anymore.
  3. Hey, do you know anything about the Award Profile which is available on the Student UWinsite? When should we submit it, if we are considered for bursaries through the profile, etc?
  4. Wow, really decent stats. Did you apply general?
  5. Yeah, everything seems to be much slower this year. And congrats on your acceptance to Queen's! That is such an achievement. I applied there as well but haven't heard anything back yet. Although I think my cGPA is good (3.80), I'd wager my LSAT of 151 is holding me back significantly. Hope you receive some positive news from Ottawa
  6. I have applied in the mature category at uOttawa but haven't heard anything so far. Was wondering if anyone else may be in the same boat? I am really hoping to hear something positive soon 😔
  7. Received a wonderful email rejecting me today. cGPA 3.80/151
  8. Rejected, but expected. cgpa 3.80, lsat 151
  9. Hey so I made a couple of updates to my application around February through OLSAS. If I remember correctly, it was for Ottawa, Western, and Queen's. I also uploaded an updated resume. I called the schools to make sure they received the updates and they told me they did. But I can't speak as to whether UofT does as well because I didn't make changes for them/contact them.
  10. Hahaha, that must have been one hell of a conversation. And thank you for the encouragement! I am really hoping for an acceptance.
  11. Wow, two days before school started? And yes, I suppose it is a good thing that none have rejected so far but I really wish they would give some kind of reply; the wait is excruciating.
  12. Oh I am sorry I should have been more clear. I applied to Windsor, Osgoode, UofT, Western, Ottawa, Queen's, and Ryerson. The reason I only mentioned Queen's, Western and Ottawa is because I applied under the access/mature categories, whereas for the other universities I applied under the general category.
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