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  1. Helpful nonetheless, thank you. Well how I'm seeing it is that they technically just count backwards 60 credits and (considering they dont have to go into another sem) anything prior to that isn't considered at all. What you think?
  2. Also, it came up to my mind, in my L2 i have a class that i've failed before. so its a repeat, do they treat that any differently? cause i got an A- the secound time around.
  3. Hello All, I've had quite the bumpy road through my undergrad, started a buisness that i've now sold and after 3 years of horrendous GPA I have fixed things up for my L2 to look rather good, because your boy wants to be lawyer. I just have an issue. I will be applying for the 2021 scholar year and in my fall term for my last year i took a class that I had failed in my second year, (before L2). So basically there is a repeated class in my last 60 credits. Is anyone aware if U of A counts this mark as a part of my L2 even though it is a repeated course. Thank You,
  4. Yeah it is. but what's your opinion on my chance for 2021 admission? at u of a? I count down 60 credits and it doesnt go into my bad semester. (5 classes 4th year 2nd sem, 5 classes in the spring summer, plus the ten classes this year). Which would put me at an L2: 3.8~ . My shitty past won't ruin me i hope. Thanks for the feedback again. I also wouldn't mind hearing about your journey
  5. Thanks, Actually my 3rd year first semester will not be in my last 60 credits if I apply for 2021. I did course overload in the spring to avoid that. However for 2020, that semester is well in there. Im starting to wonder if there is anywhere in Canada that is worth applying as of now. I applied to TRU but i'm not sure to be hopeful or not.
  6. Im currently in my 5th year at U of A finishing up at the end of the winter 2020 semester. I've had really rough ride through uni. GPA wise I got a 2.2 first year, 1.7 second year, 2.4 third year. Almost failed out 4th year first semester (3 f's 1B) but I bounced back with 3.7 in the second semester. Now 5th year i have 3.88 first sem and this winter im expecting similar results. I did all the math and if I wait an extra year and apply for 2021 admission my L2 be in the 3.7-3.9 range. I wrote the LSAT in march and got a 162. Reason for my prior low gpa was because I established a business from scratch on my own fresh out of hs and I ran it for 3 years, now i'm no longer running the buisness so i've had the chance to boost my gpa higher. Questions: When calculating my L2 i included Spring + Summer Courses that I completed. (2 spring + 2 Summer) . Does L2 Include Spring + Summer? Any thoughts on my chances at U of A Law ? Don't hesitate to write long responses, I love reading. Thanks in advance
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