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  1. Right now I'm using Barron's Pass Key to the LSAT book. I've only been using it for a few days but so far it's been a great purchase; $11.99 at chapters, details explanations about each of the section including all the different question types and advice on how to answer them, there are 75+ bonus questions of both LR and AR and about 35 of comprehension. Every answer is given an explanation, some are very detailed some are lackadaisical. There are also three PT's with analysis on every question afterwards. Actually after skimming through the explanations about each section, I've almost always been able to identify my error before reading the explanation. Great value with this book...
  2. Does AP or RTW actually make a difference? I didn't even consider that it would matter if your last 2 were successful..
  3. I'm in a similar (or worse) situation as I received a RTW in my first year and I'm not sure exactly what you're worried about.. Assuming you are not intent on any particular school, many of the schools take your last two years or have a drop system. Fortunately your last two GPA is above the average admission GPA of many schools (3.6) so as long as you get a relatively decent LSAT score (160) you should get offers.
  4. Ya thanks theoriedout... using that link I have approximately 30-36 credits transferable to U of A so I should be alright for U of A but I will likely have limited options until the 2012 application process.
  5. Hey, I'm wondering if any of you had attended NAIT or similar institutions and transferred to University before attending law school. I'm currently in my final year at U of L but got there on a post-diploma program via NAIT. Also I had a blunder at U of A when I first started. Academic stats thus far; U of A - 21 Credits GPA 1.6 NAIT - 60 Credits GPA 3.8 U of L - 33 Credits GPA 3.67 I don't think the previous RTW will matter much, but if anyone has experienced a college transfer situation any incite would be great. Thanks
  6. For those of you on the wait-list may I ask what your stats are?
  7. I'm more or less just asking to get other peoples perspectives, I'll be graduating with a degree in Accounting in April so my decision is basically between two comparable professions. The main reasons that I'm considering law is that I feel it will be more challenging, fulfilling and goal-oriented. So far my favorite courses in undergrad have been those with a strong law component (Business Law and Advanced Tax Accounting) and it has been in the back of my mind since graduating high school in 2005. The drawback for me is probably going to be the same as many others who are considering law which would be the additional years of schooling and money. With that in mind I'm wondering what other people expect to get out of the profession to compensate for the drawbacks.
  8. Hey, for those of you considering, attending or have completed law school what were the main factors that made you want to become a lawyer? What were the "cons" in your decision making process and how did you overcome them? Thanks
  9. Hey so I'm looking into schools starting Fall 2011 and was wondering if Bay Street firms look as far West as UofA and UBC etc? Not that I'm limiting my decision based on future prospects on Bay Street but it would be preferable to choose a school that leaves all options open. Thanks
  10. Maybe I am missing the obvious here but you couldn't simply dedicate less time to online poker, attend law school and still make decent money? Recommended viewing: Rounders
  11. Just wanted to get some opinions/help regarding career decisions. I'm currently in the third year of Accounting with a 3.8 GPA graduating in December. If I take the accounting angle I will have approximately 10k debt which can easily be paid off in a year, obtain my CA designation and should be on pace to make approximately 100k by 30. Or go to law, graduate approximately 30-50k in debt and likely be faced with a lot of similar issues that I have now (competitive field, securing a job at a top firm etc). I grew up in a low-income single parent household and I have a strong desire to live a higher lifestyle so earning potential is a primary factor in my career choice. Now, there are intrinsic motivators for me to go into law as I inherently love problem solving, logic, winning debates etc, and there are also extrinsic factors as well (status, power etc). Obviously law school is a huge financial decision and the opportunity cost of foregoing three years of accounting is a major factor as well. Can anybody offer some insight as to typical earning levels of careers in law especially in the initial stages of the career and also their decisions and happiness with the outcomes especially in those situations with similar motivating factors. Any other opinions on this matter will also be appreciated. Thanks
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