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  1. For those accepted, how did you get accepted without sending in your final transcripts yet? - did they not need it to give your admission or are you already finished your undergrad? just wondering cause obviously application is closed but can’t send a final transcript until the semester is over thanks for help in advance
  2. Still incomplete.. what a school 🤠
  3. So... anyone still in the Incomplete gang lol
  4. I used the hat thing as an analogy as to the randomness of stats required to be at Ryerson, not to describe the people’s credibility or scholarly ability- I believe all applicants are educated and intelligent or they wouldn’t be striving for law school. Sorry if I offended you.
  5. Your stats are seemingly competitive for Ryerson, possibly Ottawa Queens Windsor and even Osgoode at later stages :)! Good luck
  6. GPA seems good- queens and Ottawa might have a good chance!
  7. Guys I’m not bashing Ryerson, chill, I’m saying it’s hard to say who’s in and out based on stats- considering the stats are not very deterministic, I didn’t say anything bad about it 😂 I meant more the variance of people accepted, it’s not those who would have seemingly been accepted in early stages, nor is it reflective of a general standard- both ends of the spectrum are considered and that’s why it’s hard to ask for somones chance at Ryerson because there is seemingly no preference to a certain grade or LSAT mark. Why do people get so angry at these factual findings- I’m not going to lie and say Ryerson is taking the best LSAT and GPA scores in the world...
  8. Ryerson seems like they are picking names out a hat at this point... people with unbelievable marks have not received acceptances yet, but some very low marks have been admitted via this thread - as the post Above mentioned, I have better LSATs or GPA’s than some admitted already.
  9. None of us are on the committee... people may get in the second half that have a split that favours their LSAT, all we can do is speculate
  10. Seem pretty good.. people with lower stats already in, so I guess EC’s and Personal Statement could impact/ in all honesty no one knows 😂
  11. So... anyone still incomplete,? 😂
  12. Windsor is a mess... my application is still incomplete for some reason and can’t get a response from multiple emails
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