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  1. I know from past hiring cycles that the Toronto DOJ office has a 3.0 GPA minimum for hiring. Not sure if it's the same in Vancouver or Ottawa. https://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/abt-apd/recru/lep-pea/smcoros-ecmbroe.html
  2. Have any MAG summer students heard anything?
  3. My big concern is how exams will be administered. Seems difficult to replicate the in-person open book exam through a take home exam. Very worried that some professors will get "creative" with all this. I'm not graduating this year, but I can only imagine what a let down it must be to end your law school career on this note.
  4. I'm wondering how many of your schools have cancelled this semester's remaining classes, and if they have how are they replacing them? Further to that, have they said anything about how exams will be administered?--(may be too early to tell on this one). The anxiety of my timeline being significantly disrupted as a result of all this is beginning is build. At least I still have some toilet paper.
  5. Not that I have heard. Multiple regions this year said offers would go out tomorrow, though some seemed less sure than others about that being a hard date. Have also heard conflicting stories about offers going out at different times in past years. Just wondering if anyone has any insight on the procedure
  6. Does anyone know if all ONSC regions send their offers out on the same day or does it vary?
  7. I don't want to give myself away, but one of those yes.
  8. Hi everyone. Thanks for your cover letter advice. I got an interview. Does anyone have any advice for summer student interviews with the Ontario Crown? (Questions to prepare for, materials to read etc.) Feel free to PM me as well if you don't want to reply here.
  9. Does anyone have advice for writing cover letters for Crown summer student positions? Thanks!
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