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  1. You and Diplock make fair points, but I never said (or intentionally implied) there's no time and place for tough love, I just spoke to my own experience. I think tough love is the right approach with a friend who is going through difficulties that you'd rather not see them go through. I also think there's a value to being direct with people on this forum, and I absolutely appreciate those who have been direct with me. With that being said, what I struggle with on here is people presuming tough love is the necessary approach for everyone. I think in a lot of cases giving people tough love before trying a less aggressive approach can put people on the defensive and end up being unproductive. Some people might need a firm shove in the right direction, others might only need a gentle nudge. I did message BlockedQuebecois this earlier but I will also say this on here: After going through my post, I think there was some truth to what he/she said and the PM I received colored the entire experience of having posted on here for advice. I might've received several really helpful replies from people but the one that stuck with me most was the person who said "you shouldn't have even bothered applying" which I think is not constructive and goes past the point of tough love. I also think some amount of my own oversensitivity goes into focusing so much on that message and I hope if that is the case, it doesn't take away from OP's message. Honestly regret having said anything at this point if that isn't obvious, so apologies for distracting from the point of the post.
  2. Yeah, I almost feel like I should delete my earlier comment because I didn't want this whole thread to derail into a judgment of what I said. Please someone let me know if they think that's the right thing to do and I can delete this as well and just let things stay on track Also did not mean to imply that anyone was unkind as I did genuinely appreciate people's help, I think the PM just really rubbed me the wrong way. I also just think a lot of unkindness stems from people being presumptuous and judgmental on here. Additionally, I think things that are important to people's lives are not treated with enough sensitivity. Things like access claims, for example, can generally be sensitive for people and I think it's a topic that should be approached with that in mind though this doesn't seem to be the case very often on this forum.
  3. I can agree with the sentiment of wishing things were kinder and back it up with an anecdote that essentially sums up my experience on this forum. I applied to law school this past year and posted here in December asking about what kind of chances I had to get in because I was stressing about it and just wanted some sort of second opinion. The vast majority of people were presumptuous about my situation and said I wouldn't be getting in and further, there seemed to be some kind of assumption that I applied for Access applicancy without a valid claim. While I can understand that someone with my stats shouldn't expect to get in anywhere, so many people said I had absolutely no chance and I even got a PM from someone telling me it's too bad I didn't post something earlier so I wouldn't have had to waste the money on application fees. Anyways, I ended up getting in somewhere and just wish I hadn't relied on this forum for any advice because it was honestly so discouraging. I just think people tend to assume a lot of people asking for advice on here aren't intelligent people who can fully comprehend what is being said to them, which is obviously not the case as this is a forum for law students and there are some prerequisites for being a law student (or even, I would argue, a law school applicant) that imply some ability to comprehend things. Also sorry if I sound bitter at all. I'm obviously still here so I'm not upset and I feel extremely lucky to have a reason to be on this forum at this point, but I do wish people hadn't made me feel so stupid for having chosen to apply to law school this past year.
  4. If you're at U Ottawa, you can do a Summer "internship" in Montreal for course credit I believe, though it would probably only last a few weeks and would be unpaid. Still might be something to think about though as I'm fairly sure some number of people get offers to stay after they're finished with their for-credit internship.
  5. Found out I was accepted on Saturday Honestly completely thrilled and shocked, to say the least. I'm an access applicant and have just completed my fifth year of university. GPA is 2.61 and LSAT is 165 (extracurriculars and summer jobs are also probably above average but no way to know for sure) Edit: Just wanted to say to anyone out there who dreams of becoming a lawyer and worries about their chances (and reads this forum almost neurotically, as I do), absolutely apply if you can afford to take a bit of a risk! I was told by so many law school graduates that applying was a waste of money and if I had listened and not bothered applying, I would be waiting an extra year and potentially even spending money on an extra semester or few classes to bump up my undergraduate GPA.
  6. Thank you! That's a huge relief to hear and that's what I was banking on by applying. I saw people in the Western acceptance thread saying they got in the first round with cGPAs that were lower than 3.5 in the general category, so I didn't think my chances were absolute zero, but I guess I'll find out in the next several months. My thinking was that even if I have a 5% chance of getting in somewhere with my application being what it is, I'd rather apply and take my chances then jump into taking a 6th year which is far more expensive.
  7. Yeah I was sure not to mention the prof thing anywhere in any of my statements, especially because I felt it was best to take full responsibility for my grades. I know everyone comes across bad profs and strategizes to avoid that kind of thing, so I feel I deserve partial responsibility because I put myself in those situations. I also don't entirely blame the profs so it wasn't worth my time to mention. I undersold the issues I was having because I felt ashamed at having to receive extra treatment, so I can see how they could have suspected that I did not deserve the consideration I was requesting. Perhaps I may have mentioned inadequate resources at my school if anything, but only in the context of me taking on extracurriculars that enabled me to improve what was available to students who came after me. For the follow up questions: The mental health issues and death did coincide with my grades dropping from my 3.7. I actually had an entire semester where I had to withdraw from my courses and after that semester, my grades were consistently low. I have addressed my issues and my grades as of this semester are vastly improved. No one can see how I feel inside unfortunately for me but I can confidently say I feel much better and my grades this semester reflect that. I did well-ish first semester last year, but unfortunately unexpectedly went through another wave of mental health issues in second semester, which is harder to explain. Sorry this is all so long! I'm trying to give as much information as I can and genuinely have started looking into doing a 6th year. Do you know if there is any law school consultant or something that I could get help from? Thank you so much for listening to me go on and on. I very much appreciate it!!
  8. Severe mental health problems (depression/anxiety) as well as a death in the family are the reason for my access claim. No "welp, my grades are low" happening here, though I admit I don't feel elated when I look at my grades. Also lots of profs that did not accept my medical notes, made themselves unreachable, and/or were flat out jerks to me when a family member passed and I asked for a bit of consideration. I was also not in a place where I could advocate for myself well. Genuinely went through some tough shit throughout my undergraduate degree and struggled just to get through every day. I'm in a much better place now, but I mistakenly did not take time off from school when I should have. In addition to that I have ADHD, but I didn't take any accommodation for it in my LSAT or school even though I was entitled to it. It's also my personal belief that ADHD alone wouldn't be sufficient for an access claim, especially if I had received accommodation for it, so I didn't focus much on that in my statements about my access claim. tl;dr is that I recognize my grades are not great, but I also feel (and hope it's recognized) that I have a legitimate access claim. It isn't a physical disability so perhaps I'm mistaken in thinking it should still be recognized as legitimate. Just going based off my experience though.
  9. And if I'm already in my fifth year, does it still make sense to take another year of undergrad? My B2 is still below a 3 at 2.9.
  10. cGPA: 2.59 L2: 2.31 B3: 2.88 LSAT: 165 I applied with access status for Western, Queens, and UOttawa, but not sure how much weight that has. I also applied to Windsor, U of T, and Osgoode. I know my cGPA is not good; after my first year I had a 3.7 and it all just went downhill from there. My last 3 classes have all been 3.7-4.0, so I'm hopeful that this will be a good year. If you think I have no chance, please tell me, and if you have time, let me know if you have any advice for improving my chances for next year. It's my dream to be a lawyer so I will honestly do whatever it takes at this point. Not sure if it matters, but I go to one of the top 3 universities, and I'm majoring in computer science. I also have been working at a law firm since this past Summer. Give me your thoughts. If I have no shot, then should I go to grad school and reapply? Work for the next year and get a better LSAT score and reapply? Apply to law schools in the UK? Any advice you have to give, I will listen to.
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