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  1. That's interesting. What exactly would he have been evaluated on?
  2. But I don't think those numbers refer to 1L students?
  3. American firms hire 1L Canadian JD summer students?
  4. The Assistant Dean essentially said it's mostly going to be online for the fall.
  5. I wouldn't stress about it. There really isn't much of a benefit living at Passy when most, if not all, your classes are online. From my own experience, it can get really dull really fast.
  6. Agreed. I really wouldn't write yourself off yet.
  7. Has anyone received a call from Blakes?
  8. I should have specified that these were the "worst" grades I heard of in the context of this recruit.
  9. I know someone who got a job through the Toronto 1L recruit with 2 As and 1 B, no connections.
  10. What do you mean by that? On what basis do you make that distinction?
  11. Very impressive stuff! Oz generally likes high-GPA splitters, so don't worry! If you applied to UofT, I think you have a great shot there too.
  12. Assuming that you took a full course load every year, you should be in at all three. For reference, my GPA was slightly lower than your's and I heard back from Oz before April.
  13. McGill is definitely the most affordable choice. However, keep in mind that they use a 4.0 scale, not percentages. This is important because every grade 85+ there is considered a 4.0, so you will likely not get the distinction that you deserve. They don't require LSAT, but will consider it because you have taken it. Also, you need to have a decent level of French language-comprehension (not necessarily speaking or writing).
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