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  1. I think you have a great shot! I got in with similar stats this cycle and I know people who've got in with even lower numbers. Osgoode really is holistic. Best of luck!
  2. I would also really appreciate it if someone could catch me up to speed!
  3. Does anyone know if there will still be on-campus dining options?
  4. That is true, I guess. Now I'm curious about how this is all going to go down in the US.
  5. This trend is interesting. At this point, I think it's all but certain that all the other schools will follow suit. People here seem to be taking this news remarkably, almost unusually, well. Kudos.
  6. Is it actually feasible for an average Canadian student to simply settle in the UK/Australia after graduating from law schools there? I've heard the UK legal market is also very saturated.
  7. What is your CGPA? I don't think it will reflect badly on you if you S/U both courses, since law schools are aware that this semester, for obvious reasons, may be an aberration for many people.
  8. OP would be considered a Western applicant for OCI even if he transfers?
  9. This is entirely off-topic, but I just want to say that I really like your name, genius stuff 😂
  10. Thank you! I heard back just before April.
  11. Yes, it was around 9PM. My stats were: CGPA 3.92 LSAT 158. I did not fill out Part B.
  12. Don't lose faith! Now that the admissions team is working from home, you may receive an offer when you least expect it. I received mine late in the evening lol
  13. If all classes were to be entirely online, AND schools gave us the option to defer on the basis of this arrangement, I would consider that option. I really don't want to waste a year, but I also know that my performance would probably suffer given conditions at home.
  14. I recommend doing a timed diagnostic before you really start studying. This will help you identify the sections/problem types which you need to work on the most.
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