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  1. In that case, you should definitely be in soon! Good luck!
  2. I wouldn't say the PS is totaly meaningless. @aziv said he received an offer with an index below 91.7.
  3. That sounds probable. I think there were some people admitted below 92, but like ~91.8+. For sure, UBC's supposedly new evaluation scheme isn't as holistic as Osgoode, or even UofT in my opinion.
  4. UBC admissions claimed that LSAT, GPA, and Personal Statement are all worth 1/3 each now. I have some reason to doubt this, but there is a fairly easy way to check if this holds up for this cycle: in the coming weeks/months, see if anyone with an index at or above 91.8 is waitlisted or rejected.
  5. I just received an offer by email an hour ago. I don't know if this counts as a delay, but it is unusual as Osgoode usually releases offers in the morning.
  6. In just now! (is anyone else in the same boat, or is this weird?) CGPA: 3.92 LSAT: 158 No Part B. Email only, not on OASIS yet.
  7. That's really interesting. Several people with lower stats have already gotten in. I think Queens is just slower this cycle. Do you have a full-time course load throughout your degree?
  8. Those are really impressive stats. I'm sure you'll be the first to get an offer in the next round.
  9. I think you should give UofT more credit for being relatively holistic, as they have admitted a significant number of students with under-average stats over the years. In contrast, UBC until very recently (this cycle) has been a pure index school, strictly admitting most applicants based on GPA and LSAT alone. In practice, the adcom over there would not even read your PS if you were not a discretionary/access applicant.
  10. So they confirmed that you have been put on the waitlist already?
  11. You should be easily in at all of them.
  12. At this point I almost feel like they’re disappointed in us.
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