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  1. Hey OP, Sorry to hear you’re going through this. I know it’s a stressful process, but don’t give up and reach out to other banks (RBC, BMO, CIBC, etc.) Getting declined once or twice doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be unsuccessful elsewhere; there is an element of luck and arbitrariness when it comes to LOCs. In the span of one month I had one bank reject me outright, another require a co-signor, and a third approve me for $125,000 without a co-signer. In fact, the third advisor was bemused by how stressed out I was (I offered him a rather desperate-sounding letter regarding my circumstances lol) since he didn’t think there were any red flags in my application! But here’s the thing—my current credit score is actually lower than yours and I also had some late payments on my report. Ask your school to recommend some bank reps who frequently deal with law students or work with an advisor who’s knowledgeable about PSLOCs because this can impact the outcome. For example, my advisor recommended that I submit my confirmation of enrolment, instead of the initial letter of acceptance, as this would “strengthen” my overall application. You should also apply for provincial and federal funding (if you haven't already). If you qualify for the maximum amount, I assume that should be enough to cover your tuition costs. Good luck, OP!
  2. I believe decisions were released on or around March 23rd. If you missed the deadline to apply for the ICLP, you should see if you qualify for a bursary!
  3. Hi everyone! I’m an access applicant and was admitted today. Seems like we’re finally seeing some movement! cGpa: 3.51 LSAT: 161
  4. Just received an offer of admission via email! cGPA: 3.51 LSAT: 161 Applied in the access category.
  5. Received acceptance email yesterday but will be declining. CGPA: 3.51 LSAT: 161
  6. 3.7+, but I didn’t take a full course load in my 4th year, so Western may have evaluated my application based on my (much weaker) cGPA.
  7. Accepted yesterday but will be declining. CGPA: 3.51 LSAT: 161 Good luck to everyone
  8. This is purely anecdotal but I attended a private school in Oakville and several of my friends went to Queen’s for university. The first time I visited them on campus, I did notice that many of their new classmates/friends/dorm mates also came from similar backgrounds (affluent, surburban, private schools, international students, etc). Having said that, most of my friends aren’t white even though they had privileged upbringings. They LOVED their time at Queen’s and always spoke highly of the welcoming and friendly environment there. I also thought the campus atmosphere was amazing. They never once complained or seemed concerned about racism. However, maybe their wealth/upbringing protected them from the worst of it? I don’t know. Just my two cents...
  9. Oh I agree completely and I pretty much said to her what you wrote above; I’m not in a position to be choosy and would happily attend Ryerson if I had no other option. The deadpan humour was the reason I laughed!
  10. No, I only received an email to apply for scholarships. I doubt I'd qualify as my cGPA (3.51) isn't very competitive, which is why I was stunned to have received an offer from Osgoode, all things considered.
  11. I burst into laughter after reading your comment and scared my co-worker who sits next to me. After trying to explain to her why I found it so funny, she mentions that she did her undergrad at Ryerson lol.
  12. Hi everyone! This forum has provided me with invaluable advice and guidance throughout the application process, and I kindly ask for your insight on Osgoode and Ryerson. I’ve been accepted to both schools, which is a great weight off my shoulders as I live in Toronto (west end) and will be able to commute to class. I am VERY aware that comparing a well-established law school with a brand new institution is problematic for various reasons, and I hope that my post will not inadvertently provoke members who have already made clear their feelings toward the latter. Having said that, I am curious as to know if there are any compelling reasons one would choose Ryerson over Osgoode at this time. I will most likely accept Osgoode’s offer, but a part of me can’t help but ponder the “what ifs” of being part of the first class of a new program that will undoubtedly rise in popularity and credibility in a few years. On my end, I am interested in practicing criminal law and it is crucial that I attend a law school (and eventually work) in Toronto due to family obligations. The commute to Ryerson would be easier, but I own a car so Osgoode’s location is not a major issue for me. Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thank you
  13. Received offer via OASIS on Jan. 22! CGPA: 3.51 LSAT: 161 MA, average ECs, filled out part B. Congratulations everyone!
  14. Accepted on December 20 (RAMSS). 3.51 CGPA; 161 LSAT. MA, average ECs and work experience. I was surprised to receive an offer in December due to my low GPA; wanted to share to give hope to other applicants in similar situations!
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