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  1. I just called, they told me i only have 8 months left loan + bursary (30 total), as well as another 9 months of only loan (39 total). However, it is possible, once i am refused bursary or loan, to go to my schools financial assistance and request a derogation of the decision. They might then extend the admissibility period.
  2. Yea its pretty confusing.. I will call them, thank you!!
  3. Hi! Does anyone know if there is a limit for receiving financial aid in Quebec? It says that the eligibility period depends on education level and type of degree, and it also says that for bachelor degree the limit is 30 months for receiving bursary and 39 months for receiving loan. I did a few years in different programs and now it says that I've used 22 months of financial aid. Does that mean that when I start law school, I can only receive 8 months of bursary and another 9 for loans? Or does it reset when you start a new program? Does that mean that if someone completed a bachelor's degree of 3 years, which would be 24 months, they can't get financial aid for their entire second 3 year degree? If anyone has experience with such a situation I'd really like to hear! Thanks :)
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