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  1. General. EC’s are your typical law firm/court/tutoring type activities.
  2. Waitlisted 3.3 CGPA , 3.8 L2 and 154 lsat
  3. Hey, I know we are on the same boat, but this is my second time around so I have become more realistic given holistic admits/waitlist etc. Given last years stats you are likely looking at waitlist. I do know one person got accepted off the waitlist with a 3.8 and 154 like a few weeks before school started. Keep your head up and rewrite the test if needed. If this is something you are truly passionate about you will give it one more go. Keep in mind uofa averages your attempts.
  4. My status just changed to pending decision and I applied in January.
  5. Do you struggle with logic games? If so, that is the easiest part to gain points so I would recommend getting a tutor for that section.
  6. I would say private tutor, they can really target your weaknesses.
  7. Same boat as you! Hopefully we can offset our low lsat scores with our personal profile!
  8. Applied to TRU! Feeling hopeful despite low lsat.
  9. Yes, you are correct in saying this. I will still look into applying as I am trying to exhaust all Canadian options.
  10. Thank you, appreciate the honesty! I will be rewriting for sure.
  11. Applied to Calgary, Alberta, and all the Ontario schools. I was waitlisted at uofa last year with a 153. Does anyone think I have a chance in Canada or am I wasting my time? I intend on trying again on the lsat once I get past the fact that I was pt’ing 160-162 and scored 154.... lol. Advice appreciated!
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