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  1. Aside from the loophole and the LR bible, I have barely touched any other material. Please send me any offers if you're interested!
  2. @Regalcorp So basically they won't use those courses for GPA calculation but they didn't answer from what I can understand from the statement is what courses they will USE to make all 60 credits?
  3. @mistertubby Hmm universities are stating that they will 'accommodate' students who have been impacted due to the COVID-19 situation esp for grad school but they would have to create a whole another category of applicants.
  4. So as you've probably heard, a lot of Canadian universities are having mandatory credit/non-credit for the Winter 2020 semester. I'm wondering if law schools will even out the playing field by weighting the lsat more? A lot of universities look at last two years and students applying for next cycle (Fall 2021) may be at a disadvantage if they have one semester which has no letter grades.
  5. I'm not sure why UofA chose that route. For instance, everyone who gets pass/fail can't be assumed to have all A's as that would put every other applicant at a disadvantage but at the same time, they can't just throw away people's semesters either. I'm curious as to how they will deal with this. It would have been wiser to simply allow students who want letter grades to get letter grades. I'm suspecting they'll just count back a semester as most other universities gave that option allowing for correct GPA calculation. Most Law Schools want the least amount of changes and counting back a semester keeps the vetting process at bay.
  6. @dm1 I'm not sure if you got the email from LSAC but there is a webinar happening on Friday where the CEO and a list of other law school deans will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on LSAC. Keep an eye out! I'm looking forward to see what they have to say.
  7. I don't believe LSAC would ever take it online simply because currently there are so many test takers who have been pushed to later dates. For example, March and April test takers pushed to June. If June cancels, it will only add to the ever increasing number and proctors are given limitations as to many individuals they could even monitor. With regards to the LSAT being optional, there are a few schools such as Mcgill where the LSAT is optional. Furthermore, many schools weight your GPA higher. Compared to the US, the LSAT isn't as holy grail. A 160+ score gives you a pretty decent shot at a school while 160+ is not competitive in the US. Also note that many Canadian schools are quite holistic. In my personal opinion, your undergraduate GPA is much more telling of how competent you are as a student (no one attack me, I just don't think one standardized test is an accurate measure of your intelligence or forth telling of your future academic performance). Whereas your GPA shows consistency and is similar to how law school functions (papers, midterms, finals etc..)
  8. @dm1I thought maybe I was the only one thinking this but it's good to know someone else is following this train of thought. With April being cancelled (they haven't formally announced but I'm pretty sure they will given LSAC is letting us change to June/July) and Quebec alone having 1000+ cases only in March, I can't imagine this will be better by the end of the Summer. Vaccines won't be introduced at least 11 months from now and flattening the curve literally means social distancing for the next few months, at least. I think there is a high chance that the LSAT may be optional for 2021 admissions simply because most test locations have minimum 30 test writers excluding proctors and so forth. Furthermore, USA has 50 000+ cases alone and the community spread there has just begun, our neighbours have to recover with us for the North American LSAT administration to pull through. Even if Canada's situation gets better, I can't imagine LSAT disclosing one test for one country. In essence, this is such a hectic time. I was hoping to write April, now hoping for June but realistically I'm not sure if that'll even be possible.
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