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  1. You just described my experience to a tee!! Literally wtf is going on in public law?! My prof is soooo confusing she defs speaks another language. What school are you at? Msg me, I really wanna hear more about your experience bc it's mimicking mine perfectly.
  2. How much more time are you guys spending studying in 1L (or upper years) compared to how much you studied in undergrad?
  3. Can I still apply for bursaries or is it too late?
  4. Hi, I just cancelled my provisional acceptance at Western to provisionally accept Queens (deadline May 8th), but after I cancelled, OLSAS wouldn't let me go to my choices/offers because they are processing my application. I was just wondering how long it takes OLSAS to process this change, and if I will be able to provisionally accept my Queens offer through OLSAS in time? If not, would I be able to call Queens and manually accept? Thanks.
  5. I am currently taking 4 courses per semester this year and want to change one of my courses to CR. Does anyone know if this year will still be counted in my B2 if I do this?
  6. I thought Queens orders files by cGPA?
  7. Accepted Feb 25th on RAMSS! cGPA: 3.53 L2/B2: 3.66 LSAT: 163 (highest)
  8. I just completed my LSAT writing sample, but after I submitted I re-read it and realized I added an extra comma in the very first sentence (the intro sentence) which made the entire sentence make no sense! It was also just a very awkwardly worded sentence. I think I skipped it when I was editing because I stupidly thought it was fine. I'm pretty sure the rest of the essay was okay as far as typos go though. I'm just anxious about it because I did the intro sentence as it's own paragraph in the beginning so it really sticks out. Should I be worried? Does anyone know if the writing sample's looked at more intensely now that it's digital? I applied everywhere in Ontario. Thanks!
  9. Hi, my undergrad program was not listed as one of the options on OLSAS so I chose "Any Area Not Listed - Other". This may be a dumb question, but how will schools know what exact program I am in? I mention it in my personal statement, but other than that my program and minor are not mentioned anywhere on my OLSAS account.
  10. LSAT writes: Cancelled in July, 153 in September, and 163 in November. Chances at Western, Queens, Ottawa, Windsor, and Osgoode?
  11. Hello, I am currently in my fifth year of undergrad and was wondering if my first semester marks will count towards my L2 once I submit an updated transcript to OLSAS? Thanks!
  12. LSAT writes: Cancelled in July, 153 in September, and 163 in November. Chances at Western, Queens, Ottawa, Windsor, and York?
  13. I am currently in the fifth year of my undergrad program and will be submitting an updated transcript to OLSAS once my first semester grades get updated. Does anyone know if these marks will be included in my L2 calculation?
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