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  1. Its for my October score, I took my writing sample a few weeks after + some issues with it, which is why I got my score now lol (late -- I know )
  2. Hi everyone, I just received my first LSAT score (154) with the score preview option allowing me to cancel if I am not pleased with it. I already applied to ON schools this cycle and I am planning on retaking the January LSAT. Do you think I should cancel or keep my score? Would it harm my applications to have a "cancel" on my profile? My cGPA is sub-par so I need an LSAT 160+ Thanks!
  3. P.s. UCalgary has a public interest law clinic -- you could mention that in your PS
  4. Thank you so much I'll PM you! Goodluck with your applications btw!
  5. Hi! I drafted my personal statement but I’d like to get opinions on it to make it stronger. Is anyone available to read/provide feedback? Thanks
  6. Can you send me the link as well? Thank you
  7. What would you recommend? I was hoping for Ontario schools.
  8. Hi, I am taking the January LSAT and my PT scores have been around 155-160. What do you think my chances will be? I have a lot of volunteer experience in the community and also did a placement where we helped newcomer refugees settle. Thank you!
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