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  1. I believe Western may consider them. I don’t know if Ryerson looks at them, but they wrote in waitlist offers that final grades need to be submitted. There is a deadline on OLSAS by which the final transcript should be submitted.
  2. Waitlisted OLSAS cGPA 3.22 LSAT 160
  3. Also waitlisted today! OLSAS cGPA 3.22 B20 3.8 LSAT 160
  4. Congratulations when were you referred?
  5. I still have this too...I emailed about it a while ago but did not receive a response.
  6. When were you referred to ad com?
  7. Just got the email! TRU gpa: A- LSAT: 160 Soooooo happy and grateful ❤️
  8. Hi -- when did you go into "pending decision"?
  9. Just wanted to bring this post back and say congratulations @Dreamchaser for your acceptances and pursuing law school great thing you never gave up!
  10. I believe Calgary is holistic, so they consider all aspects of your application -- meaning I doubt their application wouldn't be looked at!
  11. If you want to improve your cGPA, you can enrol in non-degree courses at a university. Studying and retaking the LSAT can help improve that aspect of your application. Also, it may be good to secure a job if you don't have one right now! I will also most likely have to re-apply and these are the areas I will be focusing on.
  12. I'm in the exact same boat as you
  13. When were you referred to ad com?
  14. Many people receive offers after the April 1st deadline. Provisional acceptances by that deadline open up spaces in other schools if an applicant has been accepted into a few schools. There are also movements in waitlist. I saw that your LSAT is 160 in one of your previous posts -- that's good and I don't doubt that you'll get in at least somewhere! This is an insanely competitive cycle but keep your chin up
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