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  1. I have some interviews next week and I'm wondering what kinds of questions the government (provincial) asks? I've heard they're more formal than firms, so do they have scenarios and more traditional interview questions? If anyone reading this has had recent experience, can you give an example? In general, are firms really more casual? Thanks in advance!
  2. For those who did a summer job at a firm/government or any lawyers here who’ve had to work during the pandemic, what is it like? Were there certain things that required you to go in person or were you able to work from home entirely? If it involved court, did COVID make the work more of a hassle? Just trying to get a general idea of how legal work has transitioned
  3. Sorry if there's already a topic on this. Currently in 1L and taken 0 midterms but just curious if anyone has stories where they survived bad midterm grades and lived to get a B or higher average by the end of the year. How'd you bounce back?
  4. Received mine today! Applied for the HUB. Don’t think I’ll accept as I heard the HUB has pest issues and off campus housing seems to be cheaper. Really flexible cancellation policy though as you can delay your move to Fall 2021 if your plans change and you’ll still have the room reserved for you. Deposit is also refundable until September 30, 2020 if you end up paying.
  5. I accepted my offer awhile back and wondering what a typical schedule looks like for 1L at U of A? For example, how many days do you have class and is there a lot happening on the weekends? Reason I’m asking is because I’m from B.C. and also got into TRU, but I chose Alberta because (among other things) it’s actually a lot easier to travel to and from Edmonton than it is to Kamloops for me. I plan on visiting family and friends once a month, so considering the typical schedule of 1L, will this be possible or is it too much? How much would it detract from the law school experience and studying?
  6. Got accepted a couple of weeks ago. Will be declining. Good luck to all those still waiting! L2: 3.85 LSAT: 157
  7. I calculated it out of 4.33 but I used this chart from Calgary and it converted to the same out of 4.0: https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/2/gpa-faq.pdf Could be wrong on my official one but I’m not too bummed out as I preferred Alberta.
  8. Rejected today! Surprised as I got into Alberta but oh well. I also never got waitlisted. GPA Last 60 self calculated (plus a bit more since my 60th half course was in the middle of a semester): 3.78 LSAT: 157 good luck to everyone else!
  9. Accepted today! L2 self calculated: 3.85 LSAT: 157 was very nervous with my lower lsat score, so very happy to have gotten in! Am waiting on some other schools before accepting. Congratulations to all!
  10. What are my chances for TRU? I really struggled with my LSAT and have taken September and November. It’s too late to sign up for January so I’m stuck with a 157 for this round. My cGPA is 3.72/4.33 at the moment and may rise to 3.74 after my final grades are in. I think the admissions person that came to my school said they take your last 90 credits so I’m not sure what my GPA is after those drops. I’ve done a lot of volunteering and ran some school clubs. Most of the volunteering had to do with helping students and people in my community. My work experience is mostly student jobs. I feel ok about my LORs.
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