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  1. for sure, even the past 2 legal related jobs I had were better work conditions, hours and pay. I think im just working there bc I see them as "family" and we talk about future plans a lot. But its not worth it. I need to focus more on reality.. I havent really had much time to think about this with LSATS, school & Law school Apps. I do think her law practice is worth a lot.. she has an incredible client base & is making lots of money..But I think instead of focusing on post-law school I need to start focusing on now. And right now I really feel like its not worth my time and energy when I have offers at other firms. Thats kind of the vibe I'm getting from everyone's post above.. thanks! 
  2. I think I will stick to this, this is probably the best idea. And tell them I cant work next summer because I need to work somewhere that pays me more so I have some savings for law school. Thanks!
  3. I agree!!!! I feel like my employer is making me work for little money in poor conditions. I literally work 9am-9pm everyday and worked 30 hours during school terms. I deserve better pay and a better contract. And im holding on with the hope that I will get it post-law school but if my employer is already treating me like shit right now, why wouldnt she be when im out of law school? Things dont just "change"
  4. @harveyspecter993 the lawyer really wants to retire so she said as soon as I'm done articling and training at the courts she will retire and she will hire me as a partner. But the thing is, she will probably still seek a percentage of profits and i will still have atleast 2 legal assistants to pay. I also know another student thats at the office right now that shes offering this deal to. Knowing the work ethic there (I work 9am-9pm everyday), I think we will expand to nearby towns and become really successful. But, that means that for like the first 5 years of my career as a lawyer, I dont expect to be making more than 60k. Also, it means that for the next couple of summers and as an articling student, I'll probably get paid very little.. Like is it even worth it long term, when I can just nest at a mid-size law firm for the rest of my life, make decent money and grind just as hard? Or even going to Toronto. 
  5. I have been working at a small law office for 5 years now. I also worked at a Bay street bank for half the year in a Legal position. I also worked at a mid-size firm. This was all during my undergrad. I am 21 and just got accepted into law school. The small office I've worked in is family to me at this point. I got offered to work there during my summer/articling terms and be hired as a partner once im out.. Every single day at work I get *emotionally manipulated* and reminded that I am working there forever. Imagine the worst type of manipulation possible- and that's what I experience. While I am thankful for the offer I don't think I want to work at a small office or work for myself. I work 15 hours a day, drive 1.5 hours to get there, and get paid VERY VERY VERY LITTLE. It's also a small town that I absolutely hate. Lastly, I dont want to place my bets on them and once I'm out of law school, and have them pay me half of what a Bay street/mid-size firm would pay me as a lawyer when I will do the SAME AMOUNT OF WORK. I JUST WANT SOME ADVICE!! Am I being too naïve to quit this job? They're handing me these things in a silver platter, but I dont want it. I just dont. Am I stupid for not wanting it? I feel so much pressure on my back because I feel like everyone is counting on me. I just want to be free and go into law school free.. Should I be worried about the job market? It's probably a lot harder to get a job than I think it is? Idk anything anymore.
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