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  1. Got the email earlier today! L2 3.84 LSATs 156 & 158. Most likely accepting
  2. Just got my offer about an hour ago (2:07 pm MDT)!!! Super-enthused, but waiting on Ualberta as that will be my preference. L2: 3.84 LSAT: 156, 158 Lots of work experience, second degree, some exposure to law-related work during a previous co-op work term, weaker on the ECs but excellent references. Good luck to everyone waiting!
  3. @Bumblingblob @McJesus1995 The following comment was added to my app on Friday (Jan 17th): January 03,2020: Received transcript of grades to date, including 1st term results and 2nd term registration. However, the item is still showing as outstanding, not completed. I think they're just lagging behind on the updates, it's very possible that they've received them but have been unable to action the items. So, as @Fuzzykittenz stated, don't fret (for now). But, if it's causing anxiety, just call the office for confirmation! I've let Jesus take the wheel on this one and therefore will not be taking the initiative to do so myself
  4. Hey guys! Specifically regarding Fall 2019 final transcripts, how long did it take for Ualberta to receive them and move the item from “to do” to “completed”? Mine were requested Jan 03 but still awaiting an update 😑 (for context, my interim transcripts were received within 1 day). Thanks for your insights!
  5. Awesome, thanks everyone! And good luck to us all 😩
  6. @barry2269 which index formula are you using? I wouldn’t mind doing my own calculations!
  7. I recommend 7Sage's foolproof method for games, and Ellen Cassidy's loophole for LR.
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