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  1. Thanks! I think I was just a bit let down. I know it's on a curve and subjective, but yea just needed to vent. Hopefully, I'll come back with some better news at the end of 1L
  2. Not sure if its a fail safe or fixed grade, but thanks for the response. I just needed a place to vent it out.
  3. Hi guys. Okay so I wrote my first exam and I can't stop thinking about the "what if"s. I feel like other classmates are a lot smarter than me and, because we're in a B curve, I know have to outperform most, and don't feel like I have. The midterms worth about 30% I think, and I know it's not the end of the world (right?), but the stress and anxiety is killing me to a point where I can't seem to focus on my next exams. I don't know if I need some sort of assurance or cold hard truth, but I just needed to vent the stress somewhere. Basically, I'm just a stressed 1L hoping that one bad 30% exam should be recoverable next term.
  4. Just emailed the school turning down my offer! Hope the spot goes to one of you guys
  5. Fair point. I mean living in the West was something that I thought would be nice since early undergrad - it wasn't something carefully thought out nor has it been a big "dream" of mine. (perhaps, it was my poor wording in the early post) But, now that I am in a position to really think this through, I'm just trying to list the pros and cons. I know that the current market isn't reflective of what the market might be after 3 years after law school. I guess I could just attend UofT and try to apply for Calgary/Vancouver jobs if I do still have an inclination for the West then. General consensus is that it's much easier to do a UofT to Calgary/Vancouver market than UofC into Bay/Toronto. My earlier question was more out of sheer curiosity on why the disparities exist in posts regarding Calgary's legal market.
  6. I apologize in advance if I'm derailing OP's thread. I've been fortunate enough to be able to make the same decisions between UofT and UofC. I live in Toronto, but I always wanted to live/work in the West - Calgary/Vancouver, which is why I am leaning more towards UofC at the moment. However, correct me if I am wrong please, I seems to be reading a lot of disparities on ls.ca regarding UofC. Some people are saying that Calgary has the second biggest legal market (unsure where the source is for that though). And, I see other posts regarding how Calgary/Alberta's market has plummeted and predict that it will stay relatively stagnant for the next while. I'm just not sure what to take in. Maybe the two factors aren't so much related to one another?
  7. Accepted! 83% L2, 166 LSAT Out of province applicant.
  8. Were all you guys green circled prior to being accepted?
  9. My thought pretty much echoes @BringBackCrunchBerries. Your early two years don’t seem that strong. You would have to try for schools that look at L2/B2 and perhaps a 5th year if need be. And, excuse me for my lack of expertise on both majors, but I never knew Econ majors become Engineers afterwards. But, yeah, Engineering is a great choice!
  10. Thanks! I should have been more specific though. I read posts about people receiving x amount of bursaries in other law schools and was wondering if anyone could comment on the amount of need-based bursaries received from TRU.
  11. can anyone comment on the amount of bursaries/scholarships TRU students receive? do they tend to be on the generous side or not?
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