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  1. Western did this year. Not sure if it's an every year thing though. I invested in a refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chair about a month into school and I am very happy with it. A good chair is crucial if you'll be studying at home a lot.
  2. All classes but constitutional were in-person. I felt they were engaging, as much as anything from undergrad. Very grateful for the experience they were able to give us 1Ls. Generally, I'm enjoying my year considering everything that's going on, getting to meet my small group in person was a big deal. I wish I could have met more of the students from the rest of the class but it is what it is.
  3. In my defence, the question was misleading. I had not investigated into the OP's further stats. To be clear, I did have a L2 of 3.48 like NeverGiveUp mentioned, it was not my intention to spread false hope. My suggestion would be to see if you qualify for an access category, or consider a 5th year to raise your L2 GPA.
  4. Got into Western, uVic, Calgary and Manitoba (everywhere I applied by some miracle) with a 2.4 cgpa 168 lsat Normal applicant everywhere except Western (access). It's possible for sure, though I wouldn't necessarily bet on it. I was signed up for a rewrite at the time of acceptance.
  5. edit: Welp, guess I misunderstood what 1L recruit referred too.
  6. By a professor, not a public announcement.
  7. Told today we get them on Monday. Soul crushing.
  8. I attended probably 30% of classes in undergrad, and so far have made 100% of my classes in 1L. So in that regard, I'm "studying" way more. However, as for reviewing material, not any more than undergrad. I decided to not take notes (once I realized how good the summaries I had were) and focused solely on paying attention in class. It feels like its working very well as I review and cases come back so easily. We will see once marks are back though! I should note that I thoroughly went through the summaries to make sure content and cases lined up. Rewrote some briefs and what not.
  9. I got into uVic, Western, Calgary and Manitoba with a cGPA of 2.4 so no, you are not hopeless. Regular category at all but Western as well. I should add that my L2 was not great either at 3.48
  10. While also stating they could offer the option of being entirely online. They asked people interested to complete a survey. Quite different from what I've heard from other schools.
  11. Comes up as WESTERN UNIV - TUITION AND RESIDENCE for Scotiabank as well. Try searching "Western Univ"
  12. Accepted today. Waitlist 37. Not sure my GPA on their scale but cGPA was 2.4, L2 was 3.45 and LSAT 168. Declining so good luck to those waiting.
  13. It means they accepted but still wish to be considered for other schools. Firm acceptances take you out of the running for other schools on OLSAS. Provisional acceptances automatically become firm at a later date.
  14. Accepted sometime in the last couple days. cGPA 2.4 L2 3.45 LSAT 168 Applied access, don't know if I was eligible.
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