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  1. I, for sure, will come back eventually and share my stats once I'm done next semester. As for the LSAT, I have tried numerous times to take the tests myself but can't really get past them. I'm not that experienced in logic or anything like that, so that probably shouldn't come as a surprise. My school holds free prep so I'll definitely figure out in my second half of undergrad, which in all honesty is coming by quick, how to improve
  2. Did you ever take summer school as well? That's something I'm looking into so I can fulfill the credits faster since I decided to transfer. I know different law schools have different policies on that as well.
  3. Yes, I know about best two and such, but does it matter a whole lot if your extra curriculars are not the greatest either? So far, I don't really have any, and I haven't really made any real connections here to have a professor or someone worth a reference. How would I go about that?
  4. Hi everyone, So, my grades throughout first year and this semester (I'm a second year student now, going into second semester) have not been great. Right now, I am a political science student but I decided to switch my program to Labour Studies/Relations because if I don't get into law school, I really want something else that I can be fulfilled with (either full switch or switch to a combined PS/LS). My plan from there is to do a Masters in Management or HR Management and start a career in employment relations. My plan for law school (if you can see where I'm going with this) is to focus on labour law, if I were to ever get in. My confidence is really low at this point and my mental health is just all over the place. Considering I'm switching programs, taking 3 first year courses next semester to do so, and most likely have to do a fifth year or extra semester of university, it looks like all those factors would put me at a disadvantage compared to someone who did 4 years with excellent grades and great references/curriculars. On another note, I know as a university student I should be focused on myself, but its hard as a political science student to see so many people who want to go to law school and actually have a better chance than you to do so. So, since this forum is filled with people who have been to law school, are law school students, or got accepted over the last year, do you think it's even worth it, in 2022 or 23, for me to go through the application process? Is there any way of redeeming myself? I really want a career in this, but of course, law school is not easy to get into (neither is a Masters but arguably, it is easier compared to law+ med). Has anyone actually ever seen someone in my position get accepted to a law school (a friend, family member etc). And if anyone on here has been through something similar, feel free to PM me.
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