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  1. Probably for about a month I used The LSAT Trainer, but I found it was pretty much useless. You relearn everything and in a much more effective way. Don't waste your time and after ever lesson if you do not understand use online recourses like YouTube and Kahn Academy to help supplement or you can email any of the instructors and they will help you out!
  2. I am in HarvardReady now! It is amazing, in one month my score as already increased nearly 10 points. Yoni is super quick at answering emails and all the instructors are fantastic. It is pricey but it takes A TON of stress off of you, they have a full 3 month plan for you and provide roughly 2-4 hours worth of homework after every class. The classes are extremely thorough and are happy to answer any and all questions.
  3. I am taking HarvardReady now and I can ensure you that it is worth every penny. The instructors are amazing and truly take the time to dissect every aspect and how to attack each problem. Feel free to PM for any questions you may have
  4. I am planning on applying to law school this October. I was wondering if I could ask my Referees to submit their LOR this month. I like to be prepared and given everything currently going on I dont want to risk anything. I have not filled out anything else for my application but am increasingly worried about my LOR and wanting them to be processed efficently. In simple terms: Can I submit LOR early and will they still count toward my October 2020 application? Also, When I fill out information about my Referees (location, number etc) is this suppose to be business information or personal?
  5. I recently started studying for the LSATS and originally planned to write in September, leaving me with October and November as back up in case I decide to retake it. I want to apply for law school this year and I was thinking I could even take it in July if I am ready. Do you think 7 months is enough to study? I am reading The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim and plan on doing a 7sage class and hirer a private tutor.
  6. thank you so much! Did you like the private tutoring at Harvard Ready? I heard Yoni was really good and was curious about your experience.
  7. I am looking to take my LSATS in July or September, I have recently started The LSAT TRAINER by Mike Kim and after completing the book I intend on reading Khan Academy and various PowerScore books. Along with doing practise tests I thought it would be beneficial to do a few hours of private tutoring or sign up for HarvardReady LSAT classes. I heard many people who are in law school condemn LSAT classes, which is why I was considering private tutoring. I figure private tutoring is more personal and effective, but I would love other opinions on this matter. If anyone has any positive experience with classes or tutors please let me know while stating the tutor or company specifically. Open to any suggestions even for books!
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