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  1. The questions on Khan Academy are from legit LSATs. It’s normal to feel that one test is harder than another because there actually are differences in difficulty. The reason you’re getting differences between the scores on Khan vs LSAC is because you’re probably using this site https://www.lsac.org/lsat/lsat-prep/practice-test/computing-your-score This tells you scoring for just the June 2007 exam. Each exam is graded on a different curve, meaning that on harder tests you can get more questions wrong yet still score the same as an easier test where you got a few less questions wrong. So the scores you’re getting from Khan are accurate. One of the issues you’ll run into with Khan is that you’ll soon start to see the same questions over and over again when you’re doing the activities. Like others have said, Khan is a good supplementary resource but you’ll probably need something else when you start seeing repeated questions
  2. Found a thread about it, sounds like it takes anywhere from a few days to a week for the updated grades to show
  3. Hey did your grades update yet? If so, how long did it take?
  4. I believe the calculations depend on the school. Some will have already added on your Fall grades to your B2/L2 while some wait for a full year of grades before updating the B2/L2. Winter semester grades need to be uploaded on OLSAS by June 30th, 2021. https://www.ouac.on.ca/faq/fall-and-winter-marks/
  5. https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/information_for_current_applicants.html
  6. Wondering if I have any shot of getting in with a 3.4 L2 and 167 LSAT, applied general. I think my L2 will improve to around 3.55 after this semester's grades come in. Not sure if I'll be rejected before then though Thanks!
  7. Nah, you shouldn't be worried with those stats. 163 and 3.79 L2 is definitely high enough to get into Western and Queens, don't know much about the other schools
  8. Did you sign up for the Feb LSAT? Western and Queens will consider it
  9. As long as you requested them before Nov 1 you're good so yeah you're fine
  10. Assuming you're applying general, I would say you need like a 165 LSAT to be competitive with that GPA. So if you think that's a realistic score for Jan then I'd apply, otherwise there's no point
  11. Dumb question, I know. If i’m applying to 3 schools, can my academic reference just be used for all 3? Or should I tell my prof “hey you’re doing the one for Queen’s” and get a different prof for the other schools? Sort of wondering what referees see on their end. Thanks!
  12. Why would more people apply because of Flex or COVID? I don't understand. Is it because people think the Flex will be easier than the regular test?
  13. Take a diagnostic test if you haven't already and tell us what you score.
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