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  1. Sorry I meant first year students, thank you for clarifying.
  2. University of Calgary made an announcement today that first year is entirely online
  3. It is my understanding that UofC calculates it themselves (99%sure). So this would be a question you should call them and ask about. This course is in your last 2 years right?
  4. The start date will without a doubt say Sept. That however does not mean your not enrolled as of July. The specific wording of the Cesb states enrolled in a post secondary program, not attending lectures before August 31. According to the email from UofC "While you might be able to generate an enrolment verification letter in your Student Centre right now, it will say you are a “no units student” because you currently have no course registration. That letter will reflect that you are a full-time student the day after you register in courses."
  5. The university of Calgary has specifically stated "the enrolment verification letter confirming full-time studies will not be available in your Student Centre until after you have registered for courses in late June/early July." But incase we need verification earlier they sent confirmation of matriculation letters in april after the deposit was paid. That sounds to me like they believe enrollment is already implied and will be set by July when the timetable is made.
  6. At UofC you enrol in classes for the first semester of law school in July. Like BBlensky (I assume), I am not a lawyer so I dont have any more knowledge on legislative interpretation than you. But in my understanding enrol means paying a fee and being signed up. Which the incoming class of 2020 will be before August 31. I also made under $5000 last year, and currently tutor for less than $1000 per month, and my work was affected by covid (apprently telling high school students their grades cant drop after their in person classes moved to remote, isn't exactly motivating them to put in extensive effort lol) and am enrolled to begin classes in September. To me that sounds like a qualify. I definitely could be wrong.
  7. I just thought I would comment because I see a number of people warning you how much more difficult the LSAT is then most tests and/or test anxiety can get the better of you ect. That is obviously true for a number of test writers, but that was not my experience at all nor was it many others. I didnt find it to be an exam that was any harder then I expected. You will have done practice tests already so you know exactly what the test is going to look like. If you never get test anxiety, I dont see why you would get it now (Unless you internalize every post about peoples struggle with the exam ). I am not at all trying to belittle others experiences but if you feel confident with it, go in confident and slay it. There's no reason to assume you would do otherwise.
  8. I can understand people not wanting to spend the extra money for moving somewhere with just partial classes. But as someone who lives in the same city as the school I will be attending, partial seems like a great option. I really think it would be a much better learning environment for some people, to have classes to attend. As well as the clear benefit of the social environment, that can still be created by partially in person. So I personally find that to be a very promising aIternative. I sympathize with out of country people who may be unable to come here. I can only imagine this will be considered when the universities make these arrangements.
  9. I calculated mine to be $395 2 LSAT books, LSAT fee, and 1 application.
  10. My husband got in with just 3 years completed as well. With similar stats at both the two universities he applied too, Ucalgary and UofA.
  11. I don't think that postponing graduation would put you at any disadvantage. They calculate last 20 credits so I think it would be a good idea for you to do another sememster with good grades (but totally just my opinion). UofC has stated that taking pass fail grades wont be looked at negatively, and they are still determing how this will affect the ranking of GPAs (I read this a few days ago so I'm not sure whether that has been updated)
  12. I have done them both as well. I found the LSAT minimally challenging following the MCAT. The MCAT is something you need to study so much subject matter for and after that the LSAT basically just required studying for the one portion that was new to me (Logic games). I also think there can be a lot of traits in common between the two jobs. Both require very long hours and dedication to your work. As well as having the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives.
  13. Haha no problem it is all good info and I've recieved the answers I came looking for, so it's win win.
  14. Thank you for the feedback. Do you know what UBC career services lists as being the articling salary for personal injury/litigation?
  15. Thank you for the information. Does the covid situation affect what I should be asking?
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