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  1. Accepted today 3.83/4.3 No LSAT!
  2. A thread for those who are accepted into Ottawa civil law section Accepted in early November. 3.83/4.3 cgpa.
  3. Im from Concordia, you?
  4. Tommal

    UDEM 2020

    Moi aussi, UdeM, Mcgill et Ottawa (3.85/4.3 de concordia) Jai ete admise a Ottawa mais jattends encore pour les autres
  5. I applied but still need to send in one transcript i have a 3.83/4.3 and 90 credits graduating this semester. I got accepted at Ottawa but still waiting on UdeM and McGill
  6. This is a forum so we can keep up with people who have been accepted at UDEM feel free to include stats
  7. is your gpa out of 4 or or 4.3?
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