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  1. Hey! To those accepted, do you think Ryerson will make a Facebook group even though they don’t have a student association yet? If not do you think we could make one, it would be cool to see our potential classmates!
  2. Hi guys! So I wanted to solve the queue mystery so I called osgoode admissions. The lady was very kind and she told me that most applicants are in queue by now and just because you are in queue does not mean your file has been read or will be anytime soon, unfortunately. however she did say that they are caught up with reading applications, not sure what the significance of that is though lol
  3. Congratulations!!! 🤗 we have similar stats, do you mind sharing when you went into queue ?
  4. Accepted today! 3.85 cgpa and 155 LSAT. Best of luck to all 🤗
  5. Anyone receive the meet and greet email? Does this get sent to all applicants? I haven’t received an acceptance yet!
  6. Do you have anything else to do with your time but to mock ryerson law school and potential students ????
  7. Ahhhh. My 154 lsat and 3.96 L2 gpa is so horrible! How can I be so incompetent!? Since my LSAT is lower, I guess I won’t land a Bay Street job. Oh even better, if I attend ryerson, there’s no way I can compete with grads from more “prestigious” schools !!! 😂
  8. Are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell 🤣
  9. Did you not read that I said there still has to be standards? Did ryerson take anyone with below 150? No... Also just to be hypothetical, does having a low lsat score completely take someone out of the running of being a competent lawyer??? Lol. Even if they have a 145, is it IMPOSSIBLE that they’d be a good lawyer? There’s a reason McGill, a reputable school, doesn’t require LSAT.
  10. I agree! Im not completely doubting that those schools have a diverse group of students too. What I’m trying to say though, is that in comparison to the above schools, it seems that ryerson is trying to get to know its students better, which is why it will overlook statistics sometimes, hence why it is holistic. UofT will never look at someone with a 152 LSAT, even if they have a 4.0 gpa and I get it, that’s not the type of class they want, but I can guarantee they are missing out on great students who will one day be successful lawyers. Potentially even better than someone with a 165+ Lsat score and 4.0 GPA. (Amazing stats and I congratulate anyone who has these stats, not putting you down in any way I wish I could do better on the LSAT lol) but it can go both ways. Stats don’t define people entirely. Are they important? Of course!! There still needs to be standards, but in no way is ryerson taking in people with crappy stats/poor applicants that have 0% chance of being admitted elsewhere. Holism is what they said, and it is also what they appear to be acting by.
  11. I agree- who knows, skipping articling is an unpredictable advantage. However, it also makes sense. Why is it such a necessity? When you start in a firm,you start at the bottom and become more experienced in order to work your way up. How would this be different from a ryerson grad without the articling vs. with the articling? I certainly don’t think employers will look down on this, it would not make sense to. The same way you train an articling student is the same as a new grad straight out of law school who on top of that, already has some type of experience in their placement. If anything, you get to start working earlier- doesn’t mean your in a high position, but it’s a head start. We’ll see how it goes. There’s a reason why ryerson is doing this.. they are not stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future more “prestigious schools” begin to think this way. We are so irresistible to change because of what we think is the best. I’m not defending ryerson completely, because what we are about to see is UNKNOWN which is why I think we shouldn’t be bashing it or making others who got accepted feel any less. They still got accepted to law school. Ryerson is clearly selective with only offering 150 spots. They are also accepting people with stats you wouldn’t necessarily think are competitive, and I think the reason is because they are trying to build a community that fits their law school and are choosing applicants who can contribute. Just like Osgoode and UofT traditionally accept people with the HIGHEST stats, they want to maintain their prestige. Which to me is a little questionable because like mentioned in this thread, personality and interpersonal skills are extremely important in a career, and they should make more effort to look for that in applicants. Congratulations to all who have been accepted. We deserve it, and if we decide to go to ryerson, I am optimistic about what’s to come. Don’t let others take away your happiness!
  12. your comment sounds so stuck up. You are making it seem like people accepting Ryerson are at the bottom of the pool of applicants. many of us who have been accepted have great GPA’s with a combination of mediocre lsat scores, some higher some lower. first off, LSAT isn’t everything and it’s finally nice to see schools realizing that. And it’s ryersons first year, they can’t have a threshold - but they did have an interview which many other schools lack to get insight on personality. I have amazing EC’s like many others here, I worked extremely hard to get where I am today for the purpose of attending a law school - like I’m sure we ALL have whether we attend UofT, Osgoode etc. You are taking the pleasure away from people who are so happy to have been accepted and have the opportunity to attend law school- why? Because you think only the best people attend the prestigious schools? I rather have a class with down to earth people than filled with snobs who look down on others based on what school they attend. youre right, I will give that to you that if I don’t receive an offer from anywhere else I will go to Ryerson. However, it’s my second choice NOT my last. But that doesn’t make people like me any less than you or anyone. People with higher stats than me also get rejected at time’s, if you look at other threads of different schools you’ll be surprised how many people with high stats don’t always get the opportunity to go to law school. Ryerson has an interesting approach, something different which seems relevant in our society today. Including the ability to skip articling. Who knows how it will be, but I wouldn’t put others down.
  13. I think Ryerson is being really selective with their applicants. If they like the personal statement in combination with your video and EC’s, you will have a higher chance to get in even if your stats are a bit lower. Since it’s holistic, it is more subjective. Everyone has a shot as long as they like your application and believe you are a fit at their law school. personally, I think that anything above a 3.5 gpa and a 153+ lsat has higher odds (as seen so far) but even if your stats are lower there’s still a chance, evidently. Very unpredictable!
  14. Has anyone ever received any information about how many applicants there were for ryerson law 2020? Just asking out of curiosity
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