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  1. Hi everyone! I’ve received a lot of messages inquiring about Ryerson. I feel obligated to write here since I was an advocate for the school during the application process and subsequently when I accepted my offer. I first want to make it clear that when applying to Ryerson, avoid the assumption that because they are “holistic” that you’re safe. We are not bottom of the barrel students. I know people with high stats who got rejected, as well as people with an abundance of experience but lower stats who were similarly rejected. It really comes down to if the elements of your application matched their expectations. We have a diverse class of students, who are incredibly talented and intellectual. The point is, a holistic school does not amount to inadequate students. A lot of us had other options but chose Ryerson for our own reasons. We all deserve to be law students, and from my experience, the potential of this class is incredible. So far, my experience has been great despite that everything is online. The faculty has been helpful, interactive, and understanding as we are all adapting to these new circumstances. Our first week of classes began with an intensive. It included topics such as professional development, networking, informative sessions with lawyers in Toronto, group assignments with peers, and educational sessions on applying to positions and how to target/build a strong professional resume. The sessions were led by the Director, Career Development & Professional Placement Coordinator at Ryerson, who actually established a portal where Ryerson Law students can seek job opportunities through. The school has done a great job in showing us how to access as well as create opportunities for ourselves. So far, the community response to Ryerson has been warm and welcoming. I guess the truth will be told once we graduate, but it’s looking promising! In terms of classes, it’s not different than any other law school. We have core subjects like any other school across Ontario. However, in addition to our academic classes, we have 1 hour sessions with legal practitioners (so lawyers) who are teaching us practical knowledge (An outcome of the Integrated Practice Curriculum). As some of my other colleagues mentioned, we have already learned the basics of reviewing contracts, negotiating contracts, client interview simulations, writing up legal opinions - and more to come (factums, a mandatory moot, contract drafting skills etc.,). I can honestly say the work load is a lot because of these practitioner sessions, but it is truly rewarding. A lot of lawyers I have spoken to wish they would have received this extra knowledge when they were in law school. Also thought it was worth mentioning that although “tech”is a feature of Ryerson Law, it is NOT our primary distinguishing feature. I feel there’s this impression that the program is going to make us masters in technology- this is not the case! Ryerson is simply incorporating technology in its program to promote such proficiency to strengthen our abilities to adapt to modern legal environments that require (‘ Smart’ lawyering, + promoting access to justice through tech solutions). In terms of the CONS of choosing Ryerson, I would say my concerns are not related to the school personally, but rather the “newness” of the school. Specifically, clubs associations, and clinics are not yet established (although we are making huge progress and it has been so much fun!!).There are no upper years so we don’t have established case summaries/ notes. I will admit this aspect isn’t ideal, however, I knew this when I accepted my offer. We all have been working hard to establish these types of things and our Law Society has also been doing a great job;). We have also been provided mentors from other schools in Ontario, which I heard has been really helpful for students. My advice is to ask yourself if you’re willing to accept the fact that the school is in the process of building its program and extracurriculars. Also, do your own research, attend information sessions, connect with the students on discord (posted in another thread), and reach out to lawyers to get their opinions. Don’t rely on this forum. If I took literally what others said here, I would have not chosen Ryerson. Depend on yourself! I hope this helped, good luck to you all!
  2. waitlisted yesterday as well! 3.85cgpa 155 LSAT
  3. From what I understood by asking others is that it does not. It is just a way for Western to know if they should continue to assess your application and keep you on their waitlist. Hope this helps!
  4. Waitlisted! 3.85 cGPA, 4.0 L2, 155 LSAT. General applicant.
  5. 3.85, 155. Updated on UOzone today. I’ve already provisionally accepted elsewhere. Good luck to everyone still waiting
  6. If your communication was provided on RAMSS you are definitely okay!
  7. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2381648632126504?tsid=0.9193728328109407&source=result#_=_ Link to the Facebook group for students accepted and considering Ryerson!
  8. I really think you’re going over board by assuming I’m attacking your character. I did not say you are “lying” I just said that you are leading others to think that ryerson is confused in their objectives which ultimately is not true from the welcome day and conversations I have had with faculty and the dean. I appreciate your opinion, but if you truly had concerns or questions about Ryerson’s law school, I highly recommend speaking to staff directly rather than basing your claims on perception. I can guarantee if you did this, you would not feel the way you do. It’s also a huge help to yourself as a law school applicant.
  9. I wasn’t picking a fight - I’m correcting you. You’re leading potential students to believe that staff at ryerson seemed to not feel 100% confident in what they were claiming - you said “hoped to provide” this is not true. You’re making other people feel weary about attending a school. Also, being an undergraduate / masters student at Ryerson does not have anything to do with this conversation since we are talking about their law school. Just like you said opinions should be allowed, mine is too. Also, my comments were meant to be directed to a lot of the negativity on this thread, not just you so maybe I should have not replied specifically to your comment. My apologies
  10. No offence, but a lot of people here are talking like they know more than law society’s, professors and other educators and lawyers who have extensive knowledge behind what is necessary to establish a law school. The reality is that an assortment of educated people have spent over a decade building Ryerson’s law school. It wouldn’t have been created if it didn’t have tremendous support and also if success of the law school wasn’t guaranteed. Individuals on this forum are misinforming people who are actually considering ryerson because of their predetermined bias’. I entered welcome day with an OPEN mind (even having other options to choose from) and did not perceive things the way others did. I’ve heard people who went to welcome day completely misconstrue information, and it is horrible for potential students to hear these unsubstantiated claims. They have a clear mission, evidence which is backing those objectives up and if you listen with an open mind, amazing opportunities for future students. Will it all happen? Not sure. I do agree that it is a risk because it’s new. However, I am extremely optimistic. But if you are going to put Ryerson down because you think you’re too good for it or don’t have an interest in it at all, there is no point to make unsound assumptions or salty remarks.
  11. Your stats are great and it’s still early. Keep holding on I’m sure you will hear back, it’s too soon to get discouraged. After the deadline of April 1st when decisions have to be made for people already offered admission, more movement will come. Good luck
  12. I didn't see her so I don't think so and I was there for about an hr! Yeah her presentation was really great, I hope she will have a lot of involvement at the law school even if she isn't teaching a course.
  13. I spoke to the dean at social hour! So what I stated here was confirmed by her
  14. Then you can keep rolling your eyes at the school you’re attending. If you’re not going to Ryerson it doesn’t impact you at all lol
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